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  1. @Islam Soliman thanks for a wonderful drive today really enjoyed it, it had a little of everything and tested the newbies whom all stepped up and answered the call amazingly well. @Jesper Weltström @lucas amat @george charbel@Ben Lee @James Lovell @Usman Basit @Juzer Gandhi @Misha Puskar you guys drove superbly which made our jobs of supporting you so much easier. yes the sand was a little harder than usual after the rains of the past few weeks, however, that does not take anything away from the skill you guys showed us today as you took on every challenge head on and over come each and every one. Well done to all. @Misha Puskar hope you are feeling better and I would like to wish you a speedy recovery @James Lovell brilliant SL my friend you managed it like a true professional and of course my good friend @Fabien Monleau great support in the CF position, we had very little to do but what we did manage to do we did well. Thanks for the great support. Wishing you all a restful rest of your weekend and see you all soon in the sand 😀
  2. @Chaitanya D fantastic drive yesterday had a lot of fun with the variety of terrain we encountered. even though it was a little compacted there were still some nice challenges to overcome for all. @Waqar Sarwar you did amazingly well at second lead, adjusting the right amount at the right time to ensure a safe route for all to follow well done. @Senthil Kumar great drive in the middle of the convoy with an effortless tug to get the one stuck we had free. Executed to perfection. @Sammy Six @rohit kumar @Ron.P @essam ibrahim @Ahmad Quadri @MohamedSherif @Nadeem Ansari and @Ishak you guys all drove amazingly well and overcame everything that Doc threw at us, this of course made my job at sweep so much easier as i had very little to do but sit back and watch the masters at work. well done to all and hope to see you all in the sand again very soon
  3. Well done and well deserved @fayez, congratulations and enjoy your new level :)
  4. @Frederic thank you for the fantastic Newbie drive this morning, it is always a pleasure to support you and learn from you on each and every drive. @Joseph Sebastian Great second lead you kept us all moving fluently behind Freddie well-done. @Natalia Koryakovtseva@sohinik@Ahmad Quadri@Dorian Zissi@L. Petelczyc@Sammy Six @babaski@Arsalan Ehsan@Juan R@essam ibrahim@Ahmad Mehwi@FARAZ MOHAMMED@Tom V@Naim Aoun you guys drove amazingly well with very few stucks and refusals. This was a fantastic achievement especially given the fact that we had 4 Absolute newbies @Dorian Zissi @sohinik @Natalia Koryakovtseva @Ahmad Quadri i hope you all enjoyed the drive as much as we did and learnt oodles from the experience. I hope to see you all in the sand again very soon as we move along the Offroad enthusiast journey gaining Knowledge, Skills and Experience along the way. Thank you @sohinik for allowing me to christen my new winch, that made me very happy to finally find out that it worked and to justify the spend @Rizwanm2 brilliant support from you and fantastic to get to finally meet you. Some drive stats from todays GAIA GPS Have a great rest of your weekend :):)
  5. Welcome to the club @sohinik look forward to driving with you tomorrow
  6. Congratulations @Waqas Parvez welcome to the team mate looking forward to our next adventures together
  7. @Hisham Masaad I Can only Drive Saturday I am afraid, as Friday is a working Day for me
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