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  1. @AlexM I had the same challenge to maintain that same distance from @Jeepie my only worry was just to make sure your are not being bothered by the dust trail. Hope to see you on more drives!
  2. @Hisham Masaad I repeat it has been my best drive so far with Carnity!! The combination of speed, challenge, weather and sunset just made it awesome. It is a drive to remember for me. @Jeepie Chapeau to you for your skills and experience. It was a lot of pressure being behind you and to keep up and learnt a lot on how to keep that momentum constant and just enough to overcome the resistance of the softsand. @Sunil [email protected] Hager Great having you cover our back and ensuring that we kept moving at the challenging pace. Thank you both. @AlexMAt first I kept looking back to s
  3. @Hisham Masaadnot available I am confirmed with @M.Seidam in the morning drive.
  4. Just to be clear so I am on this Friday drive confirmed right? My first priority drive is the Afternoon Saturday drive and Friday morning is my second waitlist. Now I see that I am confirmed for both. I just want to make sure that my Saturday afternoon drive should not be cancelled with @Hisham Masaad
  5. Just to be clear I am WL as 2nd drive for the same time in the Tawi Nazwa drive as well so in case I do not get into that drive I am WL myself here as well as WL 2nd drive. Thank you and excuse the confusion!
  6. Hi @Hisham MasaadI have waitlisted my other drive. This drive I shall definitely be joining.
  7. Pls waitlist me here for 2nd drive. I will go for my Saturday drive for sure.
  8. @Mehmet Volga Can you remove me from the WL as I got into another drive on Friday. Thank you 🙏 I hope next week I get my spot with Carnity
  9. Pls add me to the afternoon drive. Let me know if I am in or is this also a waitlisted drive already. Thanks!
  10. @TboneThanks for great drive! Loved the challenging dunes although the Jeepers convoy thrw us off course but that led to some great opportunity to unite and test the Max Tracks and our digging skills! In this drive we only reaffirmed that momentum is your friend in the soft sand. Made some good friends as well. Loving this club with such a supporting bunch. @Nizam Deen. @Daniel YangBig thanks to you guys as well keep us all together.
  11. Thanks @Foxtrot Oscar for leading us through the soft sands. We faced lots of stucks in the convoy which only gave us chance to bond with the rest of the group while waiting so all happens for the best. The highlight was where we all stopped to inflate was really soft sand as well and next thing we know when @Foxtrot Oscarand @Alex Raptor leave we have 5 cars inflated and stuck 😂. Fortunately there was one car that was not and pulled one out and there-forth we all worked as a team and bail each other out while we blocked the entire on coming traffic on the highway. Lesson 1 : Never
  12. @Chaitanya D I have left this drive as joining a Fewbie drive at that time, which had spot and I see there is waitlist for this drive so please see that someone else benefits from this spot. Thanks!
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