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  1. @Hisham Masaad I just got an email I am accepted from the Waitlist. I had made a previous commitment for a late evening tonight. If I can wrap up early will try and make it but if not then might be unable to make it so early. If there is confirmed driver then you can remove me and if not I would like to be "tentative" status.
  2. @varunmehndirattaCan I have the meeting location please on 0552219974 as I won't be accessing this site post now. Thanks, Kamalio
  3. Hi The GPS Is showing me a road which is blocked. can you call me on 0552219974 to guide me.
  4. Sorry I can’t make it! I will have to skip this one. @Gaurav Soni pls replace me with someone in waitlist. thanks
  5. @Ale VallecchiI have to declare yesterday drive as my favorite drive. Non-stop action and zero stucks in such soft and tight dunes. Just an unbelievable experience. Thanks to the support team @Looper @JeromeFJ I am worried I am spoiled and might only sign up for Fewbie Plus drives because if this is what I have to expect every Fewbie Plus then seem very difficult that I can do anything slower again. Met some new people but I guess since it was "rush" hour we did not have time to chat to make new friends like a regular drive. Until next time fellas! Will see if I could take any pictures and upload in the gallery whenever I can.
  6. @Chaitanya Dthanks for a lovely drive in the technical dunes! Alway love this area. @KailasNice driving with you again and appreciate your involvement in the lead team. @varunmehndirattaGreat seeing you after so long again that and that too in a leading team. The rest of the team was a nice chilled afternoon and a double tire challenge made it interesting and gave us an opportunity to chat and make some new friends. That drive out of the lake was an experience and made me realise how much people DO NOT LIKE their houses in the winter months of UAE. Ciao and till next time.
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