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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021

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  1. 😁I went on a shopping spree @ Dragon-mart before joining the drive today. Suction mount Flag, Baofeng UV5R and Golden Camel 2cyl compressor. Compressor @ 240 dhs is so far so good. 1 min took psi from approx 13 to 40. Filled 4 tyres without sweat.
  2. First desert drive with family was fun. Looking to join many more. Missed meeting Gaurav and all Marshals. Had to leave early due to SAT being a working day. Thanks to the White Xterra (Asif Hussain i believe) I did not realize that u were waiting until we inflated and hit tarmac.
  3. I was planning for 275/65R18 Kumho Roadventure on 3.8LWB. Tyre shop guy informed that 275/65 will cause issues having seen 1st hand on another Pajero. Got 265/65 G051. Looks good, very reasonable road noise. Completed 1 newbie drive with Carnity without any issues @ 12psi.
  4. Bought "Wolfbox" brand off Bezos' online shop because it had good reviews ;-D. (I was not finding time to do proper research or visit Dragonmart). Using for the first time, it got fried while inflating wheel number 4. Waiting for Amazon guy to collect it since it has return option. Avoid at all costs.
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