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  1. @Gaurav Soni on my way just 5 mins max delay..had tyre pressure low ..now set and ready
  2. Hi @Islam Soliman i am in doubt to make it to the drive tomorrow,something urgent has come up and hence don't wanna hold up the slot which can be used by someone else.. Please excuse me for the drive tomorrow ..Sorry for this.
  3. Finally some Good news! Rubicon is out and ready to fly again! I went back with a spare battery along with an excellent offroader cum mechanic(Abuali) and then a team of recovery in separate car-Patrol (sent by Oman insurance....) Thanks a ton to everyone @Pieter Potgieter@Manoj Soman@Quresh Pajero @Jona @Patrick van der Loo @Tareq Al Turq @ASAD. @Joseph Raju @AlexM @Morshedi @Gaurav @Davie Chase. @Sunil Mathew @Beide Worku for all the patience and support and sorry that we had to cut short our ride because of what happened .... @Gaurav..simply Hattsoff to your leadership skills ..patience, knowledge, support, guidance, follow up...the list can simply go on and on.... looking forward for a drive with you soon! @Morshedi..Many thanks for the support and guidance....Believe we shall be good friends and looking forward to drive along...! AbuAli was really helpful & smart...3 in One- good mechanic, offroader and genuine...Lastly thanks for dropping me back at home! @Davie Chase @Sunil Mathew @Tareq Al Turq @Joseph Raju @Quresh Pajero @Beide Workuguys thanks for being there and cheers to all the support and patience ..You guys rock and happy to be part of such a group where team work is above all!.. @Sunil Mathew,..i hope the battery fluid didn't do any serious harm..and everything is ok....pls update Lastly i always had a question in my mind "what would happen if a vehicle had a complete breakdown in mid desert"....Can someone really leave their car behind in the desert ever?....naa.....never it can happen.... it must be either Towed by the team or may be .Police/Insurance will send chopper to airlift..? :)....hahaha.. ..now not anymore...The question stands well answered ..Now i can give detailed answers to lot of questions to anyone! ... PS:- Problem was with Winch wire,,,(as you can see in pics)..which made the short circuit....and battery popped out!
  4. Sorry @Tbone i won't be able to attend the drive ..due to some personal commitments
  5. @Mehmet Volga Extremely sorry that today i couldn't make it, was down with an unexpected fever and didn't had the energy to notify you in the morning.sorry again.
  6. @Thomas Varghese Good to drive along after longtime...and @Foxtrot Oscarthanks for leading ...weather and your courage made it truly adventurous
  7. @TboneSince it's still raining Is the ride still on ...just reconfirming ..please advise
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