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  1. Hi @Manoj Soman, I went through my dash cam footage to try and send you the clip of that pretty epic climb you had towards the end of the drive. Unfortunately my car wasn’t pointed in the right direction and I didn’t catch it!
  2. @Shaaz Sha thank you for a fantastic drive last night. The side sloping and bowls before sun down were incredible and I really enjoyed the fast pace. And then to experience my first night drive under a full moon was quite something. Finally - thank you for your kind words in the drive report. I am already looking forward to joining your drive in Sharjah on Sunday! @Ashok chaturvedi great support to the whole convey as sweep. Thanks 🙏 I took a few pics and will post them in the gallery shortly.
  3. @Tbone thank you for a fantastic drive yesterday afternoon. It was a fun and fast paced drive. And we were fortunate the rain didn’t come tumbling down during the drive!!
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