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  1. Hello @[email protected] Raptor Thank you for the wonderful off road experience. I appreciate your patience and passion you displayed through out the drive.............. @Wrangeld welcomed me with a beautiful puddle splash of my windshield near to the meeting point (that was refreshing). At, the meeting point, we were instructed to deflate the tyers to 15 PSI. To be frank that was not easy as we see in any ADNOC fuel station. However I would like to thank @Sunil Mathew for his deflating and inflating mock up before the ride, which helped me lot. Before we move to the des
  2. Hello @Wrangeld In the video briefing for Absolute Newbie, it is mentioned in the slide "Preparing your vehicle" to disable all traction aids such as ABS and ATC; also to disable airbags. Can you please let me know how to do this? Thanks Haridas
  3. Hello @Wrangeld 1. Pajero 2015, 3.5L, 5 Door, Black 2. No modifications made yet. However, before my first drive I am planning to trim front and rear bumpers at a garage. Is it required? 3. No off road experience. First time in my life. 4. I want to explore desert, with a little bit adventure. I know this group is the absolute fit. Haridas
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