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  1. @JeromeFJ sadly I won't be able to be on this dirve despite all my planning and effort . I am still away for business and seems I won't be able to make it in time. Wish the crew a great drive, enjoy!
  2. @M.Seidam sorry I have to drop out, unexpected business travel came up. You guys enjoy.
  3. Great drive fellas, thanks for waiting up on me. Definitely a gem of an area we've "stumbled" on to, credit to @Rizwanm2 for getting us there and leading such a fun drive. Sorry for the mishap buddy, hope it'll be all taken care of soon. Great pics Tom, nice meeting you too. see you soon.
  4. Thanks Jerome! Of course one more to go, I might even throw in another just for good measure I'd been to LIWA before on a two day excursion so comfortable to hang with this crew. Still may Lady Luck keep us company.
  5. Hi @JeromeFJ I would love to be in the intermediate convoy but I only have one IM drive so far with another coming up this weekend. I’d been removed from another drive before for the same reason so I booked a FB+ to be on the safe side. I’d appreciate if I could move my RSVP here or at least be on the WL. Thanks.
  6. Nice to meet you too @Rob S. I second your sentiment - an amazing drive! Thanks @Islam Soliman and nice driving with you all.
  7. @Kailas on one hand I am sad to miss the camping opportunity, which I love but won’t be able to make it today because I just got back to town, and on the other happy I get to join you tomorrow. You guys enjoy the night and see you all tomorrow bright and early.
  8. Thank you Carnity family for the congrats. It sure feels good to get to the next level of learning. Since I joined, the drive schedule has been the central theme around which I organize the rest of my life. I don't know what that says about me but defintitly shows I am having fun See you on the next drive.
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