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  1. I don’t have a winch on my truck as I will change my bumper for a higher clearance one.
  2. Warn winches are great, so are Smittybilt winches, if you're going for a winch though, know what your usage will be, if its in sand you need a synthetic rope, if you're in rocky and mountainous regions you need a metal one. I know a few garages that will sell you one and install. For a recommendation, for your car i would say VR EVO 10-S WINCH - 103253 is decent, it uses a synthetic rope. Warn winches come with bolts and everything you need apart from a location to mount your winch. Let me know if you need more help.
  3. @Karthikeyan Govindarajan Happy to note that nothing serious happened and wife is recovering well Thank u for sharing the experience so we all are more aware. Lastly, once again I feel glad that I am part of Carnity.
  4. Hi Venessa, I just removed myself from the drive. I am sorry but something just came up. Sorry Ashok, if I had known earlier u would have made it
  5. @Gaurav. Amazing that u made or found models for each lead car.
  6. @Ale Vallecchi - Thanks for the drive. You showed the true quality of leader by allowing Varun to take over the second part of drive. Which was first for him. And I always love your briefs. You thought me about how not to get crested when driving the long car. @varunmehndiratta- I agree with Beide. Great Marshal in making. Your drive was fast with least stops @topgear - Thanks for the sweep but did not get to talk to you. Next time @Krishna R- Sorry that you had to exit due to the car. Hope it is fixed it by now. The drive was fun. We had multiple unscheduled during first leg. Each of this is a learning opportunity for us. Second portion was fast and fun.
  7. One is at Umm Sequim street just behind the gas station when u exit from Jebel Ali towards Arabian ranches/Motor city. (U can see Lulu Hypermarket behind) It is by far the best compared to any AutoPro station on gas stations.
  8. I wont be be able make it this week.I will rwmkve myself from RSVP
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