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  1. I have done all sign-ups etc and specifically said I am coming and that my car is equipped with mentioned equipment. @Ale Vallecchi
  2. Hi, I am excited to meet you all on Sunday. I confirm that the car has the tow hooks and the necessary ground clearances. We have a deflator tool and a good quality compressor. Will be installing flag tomorrow and will purchase radio today. I have driven in sand few times but first with Carnity. See u!
  3. Hi, I wanted to join some drives (my first convoy with Carnity) but I have been out in the desert with my car quite a few times, can I join newbie convoys too or is it mandatory to join absolute newbie? Thanks.
  4. I think a walkie talkie would be much better as I can use it out of the car too, only issue is charge.
  5. Hi, as the title suggests I’m looking for a good radio system for comms in off-road convoys but also something reliable incase its ever needed in a secluded area, there seem to be many options and Im a bit confused.
  6. Harshal


  7. Hi Gaurav, I am sorry but due to some health issue, I wont be able to join on 16th Jan dribe Apologies for inconvenience it may cause Regards
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