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  1. Wow!! Thanks Gaurav for sharing the details of the experience. Nothing will replace the learning gained by being on site. For people like me who were not there, your explanation does help understand the situation. Gald to be part of this club where we really root for each other
  2. @Gertjan- Thank u for sharing the pictures. Unfortunately I had to drop. I missed the fun
  3. Close to 600km on road, not sure about offroad lol, the tank capacity is about 144l so I'll be fine. Thanks.
  4. Wanted to know if jerry cans are mandatory? On a full tank I can go just above 600km. I'll refill at the gas station before the drive, thanks.
  5. What is the location of end point? The link to start point seems to have an issue with Google maps.
  6. @FredericPrefect Information. I recommend to download the Dubai police App. Also critical is to register UAE pass . It will have all your information so filling in details on any gov apps
  7. Hi all, wondering if there will be any trips to Liwa anytime soon? Wasnt able to join previously unfortunately.
  8. I am very sorry. But I need to drop off. My Co-Pilot and son has got fever and cold. Apologise for last minute cancellation.
  9. @Mehmet Volga It was wonderful drive. We startedg with Technical dunes which looked impossible to get through but with your lead we did it. Then lot of ridge riding. Never done it before. Good learnings. Thank you @Senthil Kumarand @Pacific for supporting. I am unable to attach pictures when browsing on my mobile. What could be the reason?
  10. @Gerrit Bus, hopefully u will get your camera and capture my car in motion.
  11. Is there any update on the information contained here? We are looking for some barbeque+ camping sites where newbies can ventures
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