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  1. Then you turbo or supercharge it, Ive seen what monsters spawn from certain garages! 😆
  2. The mods look pretty decent, brands are all good. Go with your gut feeling though. On paper the cars a good buy, as long as youre not overpaying.
  3. Wow! Thats 23 cars so far. Gonna be a fun one, welcome to all new members.
  4. Almost never, i keep mine in auto as theres no need to keep in manual unless its a tough climb. Usually in 3-4
  5. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend tomorrow as my cars still in the garage. Enjoy the drive people!
  6. Awesome explanation! Im looking to regear my tundra soon, ill be going with 37’s then, already got the clearance. Just thinking about my power steering system, dont want that failing, but from what Ive heard so far, after regearing most people havent had any issues.
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