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  1. Sorry lads, woke up to find out about a domestic matter I’m needed for. Enjoy and we shall meet again soon! 🥲
  2. hehe, my bad, correctly schooled 🫢 Abu Dhabi & Sharjah : https://maps.app.goo.gl/6ay7BaF3TZ88mEHy8?g_st=com.google.maps.preview.copy dubai: https://maps.app.goo.gl/FgorS1ktaP8QVU98A?g_st=com.google.maps.preview.copy
  3. Excited for tomorrow! @DP1011 can you please share the closest petrol station along the meeting point?
  4. @Batuhan Kulac as per my Jimny group, the springs are a no go if you’re looking for comfort. Ironman and dobinsons for Jimny have a terrible on and off road comfort quality. Rather get Profender Reds (adjustable) and either Kings (yellow ones) or Profender springs to stay in a budget and get the best of comfort. 3200 dhs total. Lastly I am running Profender and Kings springs, no issues at all. if you want to remain within dobinsons, we advice Dobinsons IMS set (can get costly) Buzz me on IG and I can give details on the place and full costing.
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