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  1. I assume the air bags remain active without the kill switch, so this increases the risk of them deploying (which is an expensive repair?) Also, has anybody noticed a significant difference between fuse/kill switch and the stock button, especially on more challenging sand?
  2. @M.Seidam. So sorry, I have to pull out of this one. I hope it allows space on the waiting list.
  3. Thanks for all of your comments, however, I am now even more confused! To try and get a clear understanding, once and for all, why would somebody choose to use Auto instead of Part time? If Part time uses 4x4 all the time, surely there are no disadvantages to doing that, whilst there are disadvantages to Auto. ie - if you drive in auto, there may be occasions you need to move to part time, however if you drive in part time, you’ll never need to move to auto I’m getting the impression this is purely down to personal preference and different people will teach in different ways? Also @Frederic - what are the requirements to become a Carnity instructor in terms of driving experience and teaching experience? Is there a general level shared across all UAE clubs? Many thanks.
  4. So, I am several drives under my belt now and loving it... On my first Carnity drive I was advised to drive my JL in 4H Auto and keep the car in automatic. I did this for 3 drives. Over the weekend, I completed a drive with another large, leading offroad club in Dubai (sorry Carnity!) and the lead driver is an active instructor. He told me that I should be driving in 4H Part time + Manual which is the opposite of what I heard in Carnity. Could I please seek clarification? Finally, this particular club offers courses in addition to their weekly drives (Beginner, Intermediate and Night). Although I am now 4 drives in and feel confident, the lead instructor advised that anybody would progress significantly faster with a course or two under their belt - learning the exact techniques as opposed to just following. I had always planned on being self-taught, but if I can become a safer driver, and progress more quickly, it could be a winner. Has anyone here participated in a beginner or intermediate course, even after some experience.
  5. @Frederic My apologies but I need to drop out of this. Hope you drive with you soon!
  6. I’ll see you there! 2021 Wrangler Rubicon 2dr Grey @Chaitanya D Do you have map location yet?
  7. @Chaitanya D - this would be my second drive, so are you saying I should not join? I did feel confident and comfortable on my first drive with @DP1011 (Have done recreational buggy and ATV too, but only once in the Wrangler)
  8. This is exactly what I am doing. Thanks
  9. Hey all, it's controlz here (I changed my display name)! By way of update, I settled on a 2021 2dr Rubicon and absolutely love it. Had my first absolute newbie drive on Sunday and very glad about my choice of car. Already doing some basic mods (Apex rapid deflators, flag mount kit, built-in compressor, and finally I have trimmed the bottom of the license plate and moved it to the side, as I have been told by multiple wrangler owners that it will scoop up the sand and I will lose the bumper, so this cheap modification should save me in the long run). Can anybody suggest any iPhone Applications that run on CarPlay which may be helpful in the desert? Thanks
  10. @Vanessa8580 - Unfortunately, the Bab al Shams drive on the 23rd has been cancelled, so I have RSVP'd myself back onto this drive. (I had rescheduled as it was more convenient for me. I look forward to joining!
  11. I'll be joining as an Absolute Newbie! Car: Jeep Wrangler 2dr Rubicon Grey 2021 Experience: None, just as passenger with @Gautam Banka! Towhooks: Yes, I believe these are standard on Rubicon. Flag - YES, Compressor - YES, Radio - YES (however will need help programming as it's new) Video watched. Let's go!
  12. Great . Do I need to do anything else to get confirmed on this drive? First time so not 100% sure how booking onto drives works, and can't seem to find any reading on it.
  13. Hello, I am picking up my car tomorrow (exciting) so would like to join this drive! Please advise how I go about this? Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Grey 2021 No, just as passenger on previous Carnity drives Yes, I believe these are standard on Rubicon. NO Radio, NO Flag, however I can buy a flag. Any recommendations? And confirm that you have seen : Confirmed
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