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  1. @Frederic hey i’m on my way but stuck in traffic due to an accident, might be late by 15mins or so, please call me on 0526574287 if you leaving already?
  2. Hi @Sebb Please download the video using the below url, Couldn't find an option to upload a video hence sharing this. https://we.tl/t-bfpDAYKBqj
  3. @Rizwanm2 could you please suggest a reliable place that could help us with this?
  4. @ASAD. It took me 5 drives to learn how to disable Thanks again. Hopefully, i can feel the difference now.
  5. @Gaurav I am driving a 2018 Super safari, can switching off the traction control switch inbuilt in my car would help me disable the traction control or do i need to remove the fuse or something, coz this traction control activates during side sloping and pulls be back reducing my momentum most of the times, Please advice.
  6. Hi Chaitanya, i’m driving super safari and it has front and rear hooks. No prior experience in desert. Hoping to learn something with you😊
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