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  1. @M.Seidamthank you Dr.for the exciting drive yesterday and it was a pleasure meeting you too.👍😊
  2. Good morning everyone,had a nice drive yesterday until my car’s engine malfunction light went on.After my exit I inflated the tyres and called my RSA insurance for roadside assistance and they sent me a tow truck within forty minutes and took my car to my mechanic in Sharjah.It was all hassle free and smooth.I have driven in this area four or five times earlier but this is the first time my car had a problem,hope it’s not a major problem.Anyway looking forward to drive in the same area again after my car gets fixed.Special thanks to Gaurav and Gautam@looper for assistance and guidance.
  3. Had a nice enjoyable drive today morning,thanks to @JeromeFJand team.
  4. @Ale VallecchiI have withdrawn my RSVP two days back.Will not be coming tomorrow.Hope to join the drive next time.
  5. @M.Seidam I’m sorry I have to withdraw my RSVP for the drive tomorrow.I misunderstood and thought the drive was on Saturday.Since I’m working tomorrow I will not be able to attend the drive tomorrow.
  6. @munkybiznessyes looking forward for the next level drive 😊
  7. Thanks Gaurav,Hisham and Vaibhav and thanks to all the wonderful members of team Carnity.Happy to know that I can now join for fewbie drives😊.
  8. Hi @Islam Soliman…I will not be able to come for the drive tomorrow as my car is having a small problem.Sorry for the late response…
  9. @Fredericim sorry I will not be able to attend the drive tomorrow because I have an emergency patient to look after in my clinic.Will miss the drive….any one willing to join can take my place tomorrow.
  10. Thanks to @Gauravand team for an excellent and fun filled drive today morning 😊👍
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