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  1. I have two ARB dual head compressors, one with tank, one without. 2.5 times difference in time.
  2. So, why not a Wrangler? There is many on Dubizzle 2017-2018 JK with 55-75k milage on it and price below 100k. Ultimate offroad car. Instead of that you are looking for dead Japanese car? Do you want feel the real offroading? I am not talking about creazy drives, i am talking about driving in offroad style, without roof and doors, breathing fresh air and enjoying unlimited view? Or you want to sit inside small box with small windows? Hmmm... very strange decision.
  3. You have to change way you are thinking about car maintenance, especially offroad car maintenance. With 10 years old Wrangler for example, you don't need to go to the dealer for service and maintenance, you don't need to go even to high level garages in Al Quoz somewhere. There is fields of happiness in Sharjah people called scrap yards 😄, you can get there almost new engine for 10k including swapping. I've got there 2018 gearbox for 2.5k+1k for installation. What you are worried about if you can completely change engine and gearbox together for less than 15k? Offroad wheels and rims cost more. You can't jump to offroading with standard mentality. If you be always thinking how much will cost your repairs in case you will jump or climb high dune, you will never become part of this life. You have to look for the dune where you might potentially destroy your shocks, and do everything to avoid damages. Of course all this applicable to higher level of drives, but remember there is only 15 drives between absolute newbie and the level where you will need proper shocks, proper wheels, cold air inrake, exhaust and many more to be able to comply with requirements.
  4. I've been in same situation like you and was thinking more or less same, exept i never planning to have multipurpose car. In last January i was looking for new hobby due to boring life, and decided to try offroading. Everybody was saying don't spend big money, try first, try first.... i did not listen. Went to TE and bought brand new Sand Runner, which cost me around 250k with modifications. And after 2 month i realized that to be able to drive with most of the clubs, and have most of the fun, i need short wheelbase car. So, i bought 10 years old 2dr Wrangler for 50k. It's another story how much i spent for repairs and modification, generally it was not necessary, it's just my new hobby now, restoring and modifiyng jeeps. I am very happy from result and performance. What i want to say, if you have money, nobody will stop you, and you will get most probably wrong car. But if you need advice from the person been in exactly same situation, try what i am telling you. Buy car for 40-50k, there is lot on Dubizzle, and drive for one season. If you will not like it, i mean offroading you will sell it for 35k and will loose nothing. Consider as a price to try. But if you will buy now car for 250-350, you will loose a lot of money in case you will not like it. I did not loose anything, because my initial plan for Sand Runner was camping and expedition.
  5. No spare parts, no upgrade kits, no specialized garages, absolutely nothing. Jeep, Nissan or Toyota you can repare at any coffee shop. "Please one Karak and one shock absorber... and driveshaft for the balance please..." Why people even thinking about cars like Bronco for offroading? It was the name long time back, same like Defender, but now they are typical mall crawlers
  6. Everytime i hear about Bronco, i remember old joke: A town in the West American steppe. Saloon. At the table sit two cowboys, a local and a visitor, and drink whiskey. Suddenly, someone rushes along the street at great speed, firing revolvers in all directions. There's no one in the saloon with an ear. Local visitor: - Bill? - Yes, Harry? What was that, Bill? - It was the elusive Joe, Harry. Why is he called the elusive Joe, Bill? - Because no one's caught him yet, Harry. - Why hasn't anyone caught him yet, Bill? - Because no one wants him, Harry. ==
  7. Why Fewbie Plus? It was empty last week and this week will be same. There is more FB drivers than FB+ currently active. Why not to make it FB and increase the level during the drive if everyone will be ready for it. Almost every FB drive transforming to FB+ after 15 min anyway.
  8. Amazing post. I need to plan it for next year definitely, alone or in the group. Will be happy to join this initiative. I've seen some posts in other clubs people getting together and organizing trip to Salalah. I am sure many of the Carnity members will be happy to be part of trip like that, regardless how much it will cost.
  9. 😁😁 you will be driving in 4H only until you will try 4L. There is special technics how to drive in 4L including manual gear shifting and other tricks. You definitely reach that as soon you become experienced Wrangler driver. Anyway, don't want to open Pandoras box at least in this topic. I want to tell you something different to look in to it from another side. Wrangler - it's Lego in car world. This is only car you can build and re-build by yourself according needs, taste and wishes. By buying fully loaded (big question actually) Rubicon, you passing your opportunity to build your own car to the manufacturer. Owning Jeep Wrangler it's a lifestyle. And by missing opportunity to do your own modification, you are loosing big part of your lifestyle. Absolutely everything coming on stock Rubicons are lower than medium rated components in compare with what you can put on it by yourself. Even heavy duty Dana 44 axels can be easily damaged by non-experienced driver in first desert drive. Instead of that you can do axel reinforcement in some high rated garage for less than 2k aed, and will get lifetime warranty on it. Stock shocks, even Fox are very basic. For good performance you need to put at least cold air intake and exhaust from 3rd party professional manufacturers. Every Wrangler engine in Middle East must be re-tunned, even GCC specs, because it's coming with US setting, which is not enough in very hot climat here. You will get totally different car after all modifications, but will loose warranty. This is why my suggestion to not look for brand new car from dealer. Instead of hunting for stock multimedia system with car play, you can put some system from Carobotor. Good apholstery shops will make leather upgrades for you which non of stock owner can even dream, any color and combination. All your modifications will cost you minimum 2-3 time cheaper than getting it in stock car, but your car will be performing 10 times better than stock. All what you need is just avoid double payning for that. Better to get stock Sport, and modify it till the level much higher than Rubicon, and it will be still cheaper. This is what i called to be Wrangler owner and living Jeep Wrangler lifestyle. By skipping this, you are loosing all experience for what this car was done.
  10. I think you are talking about gear ratio, but not transfer case ratio.
  11. It's not an issue, it's just specification let say. Rubicon transfer case ratio is 4:1, when Sport, Sahara and Sand Runner/Mojave is 2.71:1 At same driving conditions Rubicon generally much slower, which is huge advange in rock crawling and disadvantage in dunes climbing. Rubicon positioning as an high loaded option, but all that quite useless in the desert. Any Korean or Chinese crossover will be 100 times more comfortable for daily drives than any Wrangler with leather seats, without leather seats or even without seats at all.
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