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  1. @M.Seidam Thank you very much for the drive. It really gave me more confidence on how to tackle the dunes. I feel more connected to my Jeep now than before. Thanks for all the lessons. @M.Seidam @Looper @Davie Chase Thanks for the drive and the support guys. Please also give me any feedback you may have for my driving (things i need to improve). @everyone it was great meeting you all, hope to you see again on the next drives.
  2. @Gaurav It was great meeting and learning from you yesterday! It was just amazing to see you go EVERYWHERE in the dunes with your Pajero. I never thought a pajero could be driven the way you were driving it. 😄 I hope to get more chances to do more drives with you a legend like in the future!! @munkybizness & Fabian, It was a pleasure to meet you guys and learn from your experience! Thanks for looking out for newbies like us. I don't know the other members' usernames, but it was fun meeting everyone and getting a feel for the team-spirit that Carnity promotes! Hope to see you guys in the dunes again some time. Have a good one!!
  3. Congratulations @m.seidam, We haven't driven together yet as I am new but, I hope to drive with you one day !
  4. Yes configured already. It was fun to do all this! @GauravIs it recommended to have the soft shackle and tow rope for this drive too? I can get it now if you say its necessary.
  5. You are right @Chaitanya D There is no point in joining the drive if all I will be thinking of reaching the office on time I will have opt-out of this drive this time. Please give my slot to any waitlisted people. Hope to meet you all soon and learn more together. Regards
  6. Thanks @Gaurav I have bought the radio and compressor. Fully ready for the drive
  7. @Chaitanya D Hi, I wanted to ask if the drive will really only finish at 9.45am? Or do the drives usually finish sooner and 9.45am is the maximum it can stretch to? I have to go to the office at 10AM tomorrow so I am wondering if I can still make the drive as well as get to the office directly from the end point. My office is in Barsha. May take 30 minutes from Adnoc qudra.
  8. Yes, i got it fitted yesterday. They had removed it to put the bumper. But now i have it on the rear.
  9. @Chaitanya D Thank you for your message. It will be my first drive with Carnity. I will be driving a Jeep wrangler 2008 Manual transmission. I have very limited experience offroading as i have only gone twice in the desert nearby to my house but, i am eager to learn and upgrade my offroading skills. The jeep has front tow points, the rear shackle will be fitted today. I have arranged all the gear as recommended by the forum. Thank you for a warm welcome.
  10. Okay @Gaurav I will take picture of the rear underbody for you to take a look. if i need to fit a shackle, can I do it on my own or do I need to take the car to the garage and have them remove the towball and then replace with a shackle?
  11. @Gaurav I am sharing pictures of the rear of my Jeep. Please advice if I should change anything.
  12. @Chaitanya DHello, thanks for your message. I have waitlisted for now as I have rsvp for the newbie afternoon drive on the same day with Gaurav. So i am waiting until Thursday, as per the rules, to rsvp a second event that I would like to participate in.
  13. @Gaurav Firstly, Thank you for clarifying. Secondly, Yes I believe my jeep has the tow points. But, I am attaching pictures of the front and rear of my jeep here. Please let me know if these points are sufficient or do I need to install something else too. Lastly, I have very little experience in off-road so far but, I am really looking forward to improving my off-roading skills and making new friends.
  14. Hello @Gaurav how many fellow passengers can we take with us? Would like to clarify to avoid any last minute issues.
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