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  1. @Gaurav will drop out finally. Thought would fell better by now, but still fighting off a flu unfortunately.
  2. @Frederic , I apologize but I need to remove myself from the drive as a family issue has come up. Hope to join you on the next one
  3. Yes first part was good, especially the start. For the last part yes agreed, could skip, but for me, it was ok to have a more of a relaxing drive to end it.
  4. Thanks for the drive @Looper. It was not nice to explore all the different terrains all in one drive
  5. @looper, going to have to drop off unfortunately. Moving Villa mid week and still too many loose ends. Catch you for the next ride. Sorry for late response
  6. Thank you @Looperfor organizing , leading and guidance through the drive. @Rob Sand @Imran Asghar thank your for your calm and composed approach through the stucks and refusals. Your support was very much appreciated by all
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