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  1. Also worth checking if any of the suspensions especially shock absorbers are leaking, they have some special type of pressurized hydraulic oil and if any one of shocks are leaking, may be you will experience the same squeaking and cracking noise. Usually suspension runs for good 100k + kms without a hiccup.
  2. what is the price for a major service anyone has idea??
  3. It looks Audi has zero recalls......? Wow.
  4. Which year A4 it is and how much driven? Whats the expected price?
  5. roy dont do anything that u are not confident with experimenting of fuel pump is no good
  6. audi has loads of electrical problems. anyone knows why
  7. You can call Damas used spare parts: 06 5430032, i used to buy my VW used parts from there and heard some time back that they are going to serve Audi and Porsche used parts too. Never got a chance to check as yet with my Audi...(knock on the wood).
  8. You cannot, as you its GCC specs car have it per law. Only way to disable is to remove the chime speaker (usually placed behind steering wheel dashboard next to music system). If you do that then no alarm will sound like: indicators clicks, seat belt alarm, door open reminder, headlight on reminder etc....!
  9. In hard braking at high speed if it jerks, it means an ABS is activating to prevent vehicle from skidding. In softer brake it shudnt. If its doing on softer brakes too, that means something wrong with your ABS thinking process and better get the computer check to see what fauld code is recorded and why. Prefer authorized VAG system check as in general OBD tool you will get code but wont see the full detail of that code.
  10. ESP and clock off is separate issue. ESP light is on due to stabilizing the car while on slippery surface or loose gravel or while hard pickup or donuts. Its electronic Stability Program suppose to kick on while it sense loss in traction. It also turns full time on when you choose ESP off and override car w/o ESP for some racing stunts etc. Clock must be off due to some fuse failure, check all the fuses and replace the one that is blown off.
  11. Check for any leaks of brake oil, PSF fluid, coolant on hot engine bay creating the smoke. Check it nicely it could be dangerous if brake oil leaks to hot manifold may cause fire.
  12. is it dealer's mechanic told or outside guys? Check with your service schedule that after how many km it need to be changed, it need not to be associated with time it is with km.
  13. Check ur drive shaft may need some greasing mate.
  14. Its a crap for taking money out of ur pocket. Since decades ppl using normal air with normal tire and last for 3-5 years easy. Bursting happen if u drive at 20psi at 120kmp for 2 hrs. If tire pressure is checked every week and changed every 3 years - 5 years you will never have bursting tire due to overheating the rubber.
  15. or duplicate oil too. got once castrol duplicate one since then avoided it any cost. Go for Enoc fully synthetic, they are really nice.
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