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  1. zuhair, what should be the next step after fuel pump.
  2. Which year ? 2013 is for 1,50,000 AED. this is an approximate price.
  3. Xenon ballasts is freaking, as no other component to doubt other than ballasts itself. And unfortunately its the most expensive part in headlight system. For changing, i am not sure about mechanic or garage as i try new mechanic every time to get better service (first time). You can look few fellas here: http://www.audidubai.com/workshop/
  4. 2004 model with 135k kms Audi S8 making sligh hesitation on full throttle since a month now. It was never like this before, and very slowly hesitation on almost every full throttle is becoming more evident now. Is it engine getting old and tired after 135000 kms of driving or something else. Car has been regularly serviced and very well taken care since 2 years. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Admin, for such an approach towards this issues. Naboodah / Audi doing business and this there main profit center for fixing cars and repairing cars. Anything that hampers that share will be taken down ethically or unethically. Brand enthusiasm and community talks is only for real owners like us, who pay there hard earned money to buy Audi, and not for dealers. They don't want us to talk anything other than just handing over the credit card and swiping few thousands for each visit we make. I remember sometime back, i mentioned this forum to service adviser in Dubai and he just pretended that such forum doesn't exists. That's how these people are trained to act, ignorance is bliss. Regarding newspaper ad, it cost around 30k - 60k for each half page advertisement that comes from our cars services, spares and new purchases. They shouldn't have been so cruel in getting our facebook fanpage deleted.
  6. Nice detailed explaination Saleem, good work bro.
  7. Better go early afternoon, to get parking and you also can get better bargain as soon as these guys open shop by 2-3 pm.
  8. i am not a dealer, i only have an idea of the cost that will be 2500 to 2800 i think i had purchased it 4 years back.
  9. If you know where the connection is check that first.
  10. i am sure that they must have some date. everything has an expiry date. if now you should check with the staff.
  11. Its an expensive and very techy but basically mechanical job. Go to serious person, no road sides please.
  12. Be very careful, as its very very hot part. Better do when car is fully cold. The best way to take the manifolds off is to remove the heads first. Unbolt the manifolds from the downpipes and removed them with the heads.
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