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  1. The motor is inside the door behind the door handle little down. You need to access it by opening the full door assembly from inside and then get to motor and remove it. While there also check the lock and locking device is fine and clean them and grease the lock.
  2. Change the brake pad if its nearly finishing and also check brake oil in engine bay it might be low.
  3. Either cruise contro fuse is gone, or switch is faulty, or cruise cable is stuck so put wd40 in cable and free up wire..
  4. Im sure your new house is less km but with too much traffic, redlights, slow moving or crawling traffic with braking, too much lefts and right. Same happen but vice versa with me and my fuel mileage increased like hell when im driving 25km w/o any redlight.
  5. check spark plugs, if not then HT leads and then coil is working fine or not.
  6. Its on top of engine and under the radiator hose.
  7. u must have used 5k km oil or service where u got, must have cheated u Or else only reason i can think of it, is all the time u were racing in autodrome.
  8. Sorry to hear about your experience. And i agree with you 100%. Sadly in this region every car manufacturer dealer is just a stealer to steal customer money for regular oil change and periodic maintenance as per there checklist provided to them from mother company. Real space monkeys. I had something similar with Lexus, and it took them AGES to diagnose that due to immobilizer short circuit car is not starting.
  9. Drive shaft is rubbing to heat shield or any other part, make proper space in between (easy fix) or use flexible heat shield (slightly expensive fix). Also when you go down, get your drive shaft cross greased. It could be coz of that too.
  10. Hazard switch become sticky and failed. It might drain out the battery, better pull out fuse for hazard and get it changed.
  11. Water temp sensor is faulty, get it changed. Its between radiator and engine hose. easy quick job. If not your Heat gauge died which is quiet uncommon though.
  12. Never heard car paint cracked with car wash. And also not possible that original paint is cracking. What must have happen that during car wash some metallic part of car wash machine hitted the car bluntly and chipping the paint without any dent. Get re paint from dealer if you want it resale good.
  13. hi i have a weird problem today i went to refuel and my display keeps saying that the fuel door is still open. Occasionally it does turn off but returns. Has any one ever heard about this problem?
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