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  1. Yes indeed it looks great and quite powerful, but only for road and not for offroad. SRT stands for Street Racing Technology and you cannot use such low clearance vehicle in offroad. Ideal offroad vehicle should have at least 15-18 inches of ground clearance for reasonable offroad obstructions. More the better up to 24 Inches for rock climbing and for extreme offroad.
  2. I am using 5 years Audi w/o any major trouble. You can't go wrong with Audi, they have improved a lot in past 10 years and corrected their brand image severely from the past issues. Just wanted to share my opinion. Good luck.
  3. Nice info graphic but with our extreme climate there are some things we should check more often here in the UAE. For me I would focus on the things most likely to go wrong. My checkup is usually as follows: Air-filter In Dubai sand is a problem and an air filter acts like a lung for your car. If it is too dirty all clogged up with sand and your engine won't run properly leading to bad fuel economy and reduced performance. I clean my once a month. Headlights I do a lot of nighttime driving so it is important for me that my headlights are working correctly. I check them often and only use bulbs that give a brighter and whiter light. Checking them often could really save your life. Wipers Again it can be easily damaged in a sandy environment. I always make sure I check for wear and tear on a regular basis. The good news is that they can often be replaced for free at your local dealership. Fan belt In our hot climate the fan is often working on overdrive. It can easily become frayed or torn. I always check mine closely and listen out for any strange noises which may be a warning sign of a problem to come. Battery Large changes in temperature which happen overnight in Dubai can affect your battery performance. I often run checks on mine to see if it is still holding a decent charge.
  4. As long as my pick up can pull well then who cares about the branding and styling - that’s what my Dad would say when he was in the market for a new vehicle but in my opinion this new Silverado looks great; just look at that grill! Much nicer to look at than the 2015 version and it should apparently be a similar price. Although under the hood it’s pretty amazing too; The Hydra-Matic eight-speed automatic gearbox is the real game-changer it seems if its included. I have no idea how they managed it but it apparently weighs the same as the old six-gear box! That means that even the smaller engined versions of the Silverado should now be 8-speed giving even better fuel economy! If you want to bring down your running costs then you should really be looking at a pickup like this. It would be even better if Chevy could implement this technology into it’s other models. I look forward to learning more about this model - I just wish Chevy would give us a proper update so we wouldn’t have to rely on spy pics and random youtube links for information- 2016 is just round the corner after all. Does anyone have any other information about similar rival models from other big names out in 2016? I need to advise a friend who’ll be in the market for a decent pickup in Abu Dhabi next year, but I’m not really sure which model to advise him to buy.
  5. Looks like it will be around the US$120k mark when the 2016 model is released in the US so I would guess anything up to US$150K out here but you can probably pick up the the 2010 model for around US$60K. More expensive than a usual BMW of course but then your paying for a concept car. I talked to some BMW fan boys about this new model at a recent track day in Dubai. They seemed pretty excited about the M4 GTS concept so I read up on it. It seems the 2016 model will have an even higher performance with an amazing new water injection system is set up which draws water from a 6 L tank and was used by BMW in the M4 safety car for the world motorcycle Grand Prix series. Basically this means the whole system will be able to output even more torque and horse power than before. The outside of the car has also been upgraded with a larger spoiler at the rear and a chin splitter which is supposed to make the car even more aerodynamic. Both these items are made from composite materials and carbon fibre plastic to save on weight and enhance performance. The wheels also look great - BMW calls then 666M style which go really well with the dark grey paint job but not sure about the orange rims! Take look at this video and photos here
  6. I agree with the first reply that the air filter or faulty reading may be causing the problem. You should be able to buy an air flow sensor cleaner which will help prevent a faulty reading. This would be the cheapest outcome for you! If the air filter and sensor are clean and not damaged and the car still stalls then you may need to check for a faulty fuel filter or broken fuel pump. It would be a good idea to change your fuel filter as this can become blocked with particles taken in when filling up with petrol. A problem with the fuel pump is often the cause of a randomly stalling Audi. The fuel pump is usually located underneath the backseat. If you flip the seat down and remove the carpet you should be able to access the pump. Listen to the noise it makes when the car is idling-there should be a low humming noise. If you can't hear anything then that means there is no power going to it or the pump is broken. If there is no power then it is usually a wiring problem or a faulty battery which you’ll need to replace. It may also be a problem with the spark plugs as they often become clogged up and fail to spark correctly. You should also check the plastic hoses that connect the fuel air intake system and then Head covers to make sure they are not leaking.
  7. With all the sun Dubai gets Solar powered cars are an obvious solution to wean ourselves off polluting oil. Tesla has some nice cars but you always have to plug them in to charge which also causes pollution indirectly. I always wondered if it was possible to power a car using solar energy, I always thought they didn’t produce enough power but the I went to Australia and saw a race called the Solar Challenge which is a race for solar powered cars. One of the cars in the race, Stella 1 is totally road legal in Australia and the US and has passed all the usual safety checks. It is also the first solar powered car to seat 4 people just like a family car. Its top speed is 80 miles an hour and it has great efficiency which means it can go 550 miles a day without charge - however it is pretty ugly looking! It’s pretty amazing how quickly this technology is developing. The only downside is the cost because these types of cars are not in mass production - they can cost over US$500,000 to buy so they won’t be common anytime soon, but as soon as one of the big companies picks up on the technology they should be able to bring costs down. One question I have is that If the future is now solar/electric I wonder how the economies of the middle east will adapt to this change, or do you think perhaps the new technology won’t make a breakthrough to the mass market and we’ll be stuck with petrol for the next 50 years?
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