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  1. Thanks Denve for heads up, are they open on friday im thinking of giving them visit this friday. If not then saturday. Cheers man.
  2. having fixed this problem must have costed you a fortune..
  3. did this repeat again after this indecent? if it did what did you do to fix it?
  4. Truely speaking, u wont find anyone outside using torque wrench here (very rare). So just simply tight until its fully tight. Don't over do it as its not needed because engine head screws are pretty long and strong, it wont blow out easily. But if u over do it, then u might have difficulty in sourcing one.
  5. took the car to a new mechanic he did the job, rightly guessed it was tune up needed. Thanks
  6. Get the car checked with mechanic, may be car need tune up. Or Air flow meter is freaking and increasing the rev on its own while idling.
  7. i have gt new fuel pump installed in the car when the mechanic said it got to be changed.\ still feel that the problem remains. still feel that car is going to switch off on its own.
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