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  1. my sister has an A3 and she LOVES her cabriolet to death, doesn't even let me drive it around. She says its her second home anyways, pretty satisfied, never caused her any problems, except for one which was indirectly her fault. it had something to do with the stability of the soft-top. The dealership sort of gave her a hard time on it. No other bad experiences.
  2. You can do what i did on a friend's advise ... i got an upgraded exhaust system which improved the flow of combusted air out of the engine .. this in turn improved the engine's HP .. with an upgraded exhaust system you can ensure that additional air and fuel is taken into the engine and combusted... it will produce more power for your car and its not an expensive installation either. Just keep in mind that the exhaust system that will be incorporated should have pipes with a larger diameter.
  3. Hey that idea about putting it through another phone is a good idea but its a hassle nonetheless ... i did with the connector but had the same problem .. no display pictures ugh ... will try again
  4. i think your PS pump has a pressure relief valve to prevent excess pressure .... or maybe just the cap seal is bad? As for hard starts, that could be anything, but by all means check tune-up parts. Also, look for a vacuum leak near the fuel distributor ---- look way down underneath it.
  5. Correction - there are a number of performance chips .. all made for different purposes. You need to keep that in mind if you will be experimenting with them
  6. Hi guys, before buying an Audi TT coupe, I wanted to know if the car is worth its price in terms of speed and design, I've heard that the Audi TTS is coming with special modifications?
  7. if its repaint i dont think its going to be RTA problem.
  8. was the motor the cause of the problem.
  9. if your car is old then its best to change the steering cluster its not very expensive so its best as once you start finding out problems they will keep coming and you will spend more then you may have thought
  10. could be that the buttons are not working too....
  11. i think the connection maybe broken. check before you spend
  12. call for a recovery and take your car to a good mechanic im sure he will diagnose it correctly.
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