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  1. Even with this power engine the fuel economy is not compromised at all. This has 40/53 km per gallon. They also had the wheelbase dimensions changed, up nearly three inches thanks to a re-engineered front differential and axle. Its simply an impressive car i would say.
  2. Eddie! Small world my best friend's audi had the same well-known fuel leak problem as well. This problem actually went back to the 2008 models as well and audi couldn't entirely fix them till 2011. Anyways, took my friend ages to get over how much time and energy he had wasted on the car. Don't think he'll be interested in an audi again. he is a happy bmw owner now.
  3. Hey ranjeet thanks for the website, for some odd reason audi manuals are not coming up on my side, can you check for me? Karan, yeah if any other manual required ill use this website but sorry man its audi for now. Thanks again. Sheesh i didn't know it was that hard to find some.
  4. hi guys, i am looking for online manuals for audi. this is the first time i am looking for them online. i dont even know if they exist online so can someone help me by pasting some links. thanks
  5. When your friend heard the clicking noise he might have noticed it when he would be turning the wheel. This means that your CV joints need to be replaced, the rubber present on them might have worn out. don't think just greasing it would be a solution if the rubber is really worn out or aged.
  6. Thanks guys this sounds like a piece of cake. I can't believe i have never done it before myself. Was just never interested. My PA at work usually used to get my car serviced and life was normal
  7. Automatic. Okay I can get my hands into checking the trans fluid. Can someone help me with the process exactly. Newbee here. been a while since its gone for servicing. They usually take care of it there. I think this time I should do it myself so that I know how to.
  8. Hi guys, My A8 10 does not sail smoothly anymore and i think that the problem has something to do with the transmission. There is a distinctive difference in how it used to perform before and now. How can I check if the transmission of my car to see if its up to par?
  9. If the fluid is foamy in the reservoir I would think that there's still air trapped in the system, which causes the fluid to foam up and forces it out of the breather hole in the cap.
  10. hi guys, Isn't there a connector available for an iphone for syncing ? ... your display pictures for contacts should sync .. i have tried this connector on another car and it worked easy.
  11. Hello, I have an audi S8 and a friend of mine flew in from the states recently and was impressed to see how i maintained my car. he mentioned if i'd be interested in performance chips for a better engine? I have no idea about what those are ... can someone shed some light on them and whether someone in the UAE have used them ... looking forward for a detailed answer since i have no know-how about what they are thanks
  12. Hi there, to be honest i hadn't test driven the S3 and now that you insist so much I will do that, before I thought that there won't be any great differences between the two but you are right about the sportier looks - I checked out some images. Why wouldn't I get a better car if I can afford to right Thanks a lot mate!
  13. Hi guys, I am buying my first audi ... please congratulate me I want to buy the Audi A3 hatchback 2013 ... but I can also afford the Audi S3 as well ... which one should I go ahead with? I don't want to base my decision on just the fact that I CAN afford an S3 ... would it really be worth it? I have already test driven the A3 and want to go ahead and buy that. Thanks
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