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  1. I am just curious to ask why do you want to know the color of out cars as few months back i asked the same. i got a custom color done on my car that is of very dark purple color, will post few pictures soon. As per me its the best color car i have ever seen.
  2. For aftermarket parts and accessories you can definitely search Satwa, Karama, Naif and deira in Dubai. I am not sure about sharjah much. These shops are in main market in satwa, in Karama its near fish market, in naif its opp hyatt after shindaga tunnel.
  3. If i am not wrong, you have to update the software too before updating the maps (year wise) that's why you cannot load newer maps in older version of software. Its more of a compatibility issue then anything else.
  4. I guess contacting Pirelli directly is better than the emarat / enoc shops or other dealers. You can search in sharjah tyre market if they stock these tyres then you will surely get better deal than Pirelli itself.
  5. +1 to BM German engineering. Im true fan of Bimmer since i was 16. It hugs the road and ride, excellent stability and good manoeuvrings with comfort.
  6. Your BMW passed the bimmer bug to BB. It seems like issue with ur BB mate not with car, as its anyways 2013 model woooaahh.
  7. Hussain is quite right about sharjah and AAA. For BMW there is one good garage in rashidiya too known as VIP german garage. They mite be in between AAA and Sharjah industrial area garage.
  8. If you hear too much loud music for long hrs, it cud be possible that some tweeter or speaker must be torn. As in 1 series speakers arent very strong and have low watts output. For checking which side is bad, use option from dash for front and rear first and then left and right.
  9. Pirelli and Michelin's are the best if you can afford them.
  10. Sitting idle car never have carboon inside. When you run rich fuel then you have this and also chk engine light will pop. Dont bother, just drive. If any symptom arise post here and im sure someone will advise. Good luck.
  11. It is consumable and renewable item. No one chnage AXLE boot unless they are completely torn and cant hold the grease at all. usually its grease supposed to be topped up every 20k kms at least. If its torn, better to get new whether noted in major or minor service doesnt matter. If you drive without grease soon it will break your axle or chip the edge of axle at minimum and you will hear clacking sound on full u turns.....!
  12. Only possible way to run the car until fix is keep topping the engine. If its big leak i advise dont drive, if minor top up will last atleast 2-3 days. As while running car it wont leak, but while idle it will leak more. Secondly there is no other way to stop the leak other than fixing it properly like gasket change, or any other thing change which is broken and leaking.
  13. Get to X service center in Al quoz they are good. You can get same done in around 3 -4 k max. Need to open the engine and see which cylinder is block and then clear the pistons, valves, and injectors step by step. But opeing and closing of engine is big job and need lot of time. Atleast 3 -4 days.
  14. Change the valve it must have some fine leak, or else get the full tire check in water dip at puncture shop you will see some very very fine leak. It also may be possible that tire have leak from side if its not fitted properly or old. Puncture shop shud see that and refix tire on wheel again properly.
  15. 3-5 years depending on tire condition and tread life it has. More than 5 year even if its unused will not passing in Tasjeel.
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