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  1. Generally after 10 years. But if there is any cracks or leaks in the radiator and heater hoses, need to change it immediately.
  2. What is refrigerant R-12?
  3. Which floor jacks are better to raise BMW X3: Aluminum or Hydraulic Floor Jacks?
  4. I want to install new piston rings in my BMW. But I don't know how to install it? Please someone tell me how to do it? Thank you
  5. I heard one can prevent electrical problem in car just by using grease. Is anybody aware about the same? Please tell me how? My Nissan Altima always suffer some or the other electrical problem in car.
  6. There is some issue with the Serpentine belt of my car which is BMW 5 series, 2010 model. How to inspect the serpentine belt?
  7. OK. Will do that. Thanks for your great help. I really appreciate.
  8. My car doesn't start now. There is no spark.
  9. Ya, there is a warning light on the dash. I am not driving my vehicle since then.I thought it may break down in the Burke of the road.
  10. Hey people. Can anyone tell me whats the Hising noise in the car engine. From past few days, my S3 engine is making such a noise. No clue why. Please suggest something guys!
  11. Comparing three famous brands: Toyota, Nissan and Volkswagen. Which brand do you think has the best after sales value. Also, please suggest which is better selling brand amongst all these three, according to you.
  12. Well, it is adviced that you should never switch your motor oil. You must use the motor oil which is specified by uour dealer and mentioned in your manual book. If you try to switch to synthetic oil, most likely your engine will suffer from something big and may lead to overheating and sometimes to shut down as well. If that happens, you will end up spending lot of money just sorting the engine out.
  13. BMW is what I define Passion for me!!!!

  14. Hey everyone. Wassup!? I hope everyone is enjoying the change in weather. Please discuss what changes you love when summer is fading from UAE.
  15. No ways you can do that. You wanna burn your hand or something? Dont even touch it.
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