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  1. Hello I am Mark. I own a e46 BMW M3 and I love it. German Engineering is the best.
  2. It may be the door actuator, the mechanism that allows the lock to turn automatically.
  3. I love the e46 M3's. They are my favorite. Can't go wrong with the E92 M3's either if you have the money though. Just keep looking for your perfect M.
  4. Have it checked for any leaks. Also maybe your air filter or spark plugs need changing. These 2 are common mpg destroyers if they are dirty or worn out.
  5. BMW 125. Always a fan of the coupe more. Very clean design on it.
  6. Welcome to the website fellow BMW enthusiast! The 760Li are Gorgeous!
  7. Probably new due to the fact it will come with a warranty from the dealer. The parts for BMW are very expensive and its nice to have a warranty with your fresh BMW and not worrying about part and labor cost.
  8. I think that is way too big friend and might cause some problems down the road.
  9. I don't believe you can buy it domestically. You must have it imported unfortunately.
  10. 2006 Honda Civic EX. It was my first car, but had 150000km on it already. Loved the car to death.
  11. Used. Once you drive off the dealership with your new vehicle, the value goes down faster than you can say "Infiniti". If you know your cars, know how to check for everything (engine, transmission, timing belts e.t.c.) then you can find a great deal on used Infiniti's. That's how I found mine.
  12. Sorry for sounding stupid, but what are Iron Man headlights? Is that the ones with the halo/ring? Any pictures?
  13. Hey I am Mark. I own a 2005 G35 coupe. A/T, 18" Premium Wheels and navigator. I love it!
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