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Tyre Change Advice Needed for LC200 On Road Use

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My recently purchased Land Cruiser 2013 has Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 285/60R18 tyre DOT 2020 which are unevenly worn, giving road noise and I feel small body shake on highway bumps intermittently as if all wheels aren’t in sync/collaboration.

Since I have already replaced all 4 Shock Absorbers and necessary suspension parts, tyres are the next suspect for this body shake. 

I seek experts' advice for tyre which are comfortable on road to absorb such shakes and doesn't produce noise on wear.

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Concur with @Frederic. Since you're already running AT tyres, then the Michelin LTX Force are a great set of tyres. I've just switched to them in December, and they're quieter (vs previous Geolandar G015) on the road, have excellent braking and good grip when driven for long distances. Off-road this weekend, I was even running them down at 9.5 psi on my stock rims so very happy with their performance.

However, if you're planning on not off-roading regularly, and only go offroad occasionally or to camp, then you may even consider going down to Highway Terrain (HT) tyres. Here, you can choose between either the Michelin Primacy or the dealer OEM Bridgestone Dueler too. When it comes to road-noise and on-road comfort, not to mention slightly better fuel efficiency, H/T tyres are the way to go. 

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