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Toyota Prado 2018 LC150 Camp/ Overland Suspension/ Rims and Tires - Considerations


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Team Carnity!

Would love some input in regards to my suspension, tires and rims selection: (Project summer build...) 

I took the advise of the seniors and have kept my suspension stock for as long as I can, however now find myself in a different scenario than most as my offroading journey has evolved into more of a camper, overlander and exploring the great outdoors of the UAE - thank you @Carnity for opening this world to me!!! In doing that I find that the stock suspension after 2+ years is now starting to struggle handling the specifically the weight/ and greater loads with all the gear required - its sagging at the back... (yes, I am a very heavy more gear required traveller :)) - a quick look at the below pic of the packed roof rack along with the entire rear cargo area filled up and you can understand why.   

In short, the plan would be to upgrade the suspension specifically to carry the heavier loads - I don't necessarily need a lift for the purpose of dune bashing as I don't drive above fewbie and don't have an aspiration to do that, main purpose is to safely carry heavier loads (maybe I just change the 4 coils?). Along with that, a better load carrying capacity tire would be a good option - something like the good old trusted BFG K02, or perhaps something else vs the current Geolander GO15. The rims, I am still 50/50 - the stock size is currently 18inches, dropping to a 17inch rim would immediately give me a higher/ bigger side wall and possibly going one sidewall size above stock - @Rob S Prado post was VERY helpful to understand the options here. 

From my research I understand the trade offs vs on-road comfort - and most of the other pros and cons as I have been planning this project for a while, and I have been driving a few friends car which has been modified to have a better understanding - luckily I have a short drive to the office. 

What would you guys recommended or do? I don't want to throw silly money at the changes - I would be more conservative... so no KINGS shocks with remote RES. 


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The best option is to have heavy-duty springs (preferably Kings) and while at it, pick the one that comes with extra load capacity based on your requirements. I remember they come with 200 kg+ constant weight vs 500+ kg constant load. I am using 200 kg ones and noticed immediate difference than sagging or bouncing back.

Keeping stock shock is intelligent, as on overlanding (long drives) comfort is much needed and often ignored subject with bone cracking ultra hard suspension setup.

Tires are optional and your choice if you can/want to switch to 17 inches, offering an extra rubber to spread the load. Even with 18 inches, you can drive at variable PSI for overlanding. Higher the load - higher PSI in between 20-25 range.

Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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