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  1. Major Components of EVAP system are: 1. Fuel Tank 2. Gas Cap 3. Liquid Vapor Separator 4. EVAP Canister
  2. My mechanic is asking me to change the battery. Is he right?
  3. What causes the excess key off current drain from the battery of the car?
  4. Seat belt is always stuck in my Car. I don't know what to do and why is it so? Help Me, Please!
  5. I heard using a synthetic oil is better than the refined oil. But why. what are the advantages of using a synthetic oil in a car. Please explain.
  6. How to differentiate whether the car battery is good or bad?
  7. Well I can suggest you that you better contact the Jeep showrooms like of Al futtaim, they sell used cars in a reasonable price along with the insurance. You can always ask for the car history, emission test papers. They help you get the car passed by RTA as well. And there is not a single chance that they will do any kind of fraud with you.
  8. Summer fading.. Finally!!!!

  9. What’s a Catalytic converter in a car?
  10. I would also like to add other fluid as well ike brake fluids, transmission fluids. That also need to be changed with time.
  11. Good Points! I faced hard clutch problem once. That scared me to the core. Immediately i gave my car for the repair. And yes guys! Dont ignore any clutch problems.
  12. Thanks Man. the fuse was damaged. They got it replaced!
  13. Is it possible to replace the engine splash shield? How!
  14. The accessory socket/cigarette lighter in my car is not working properly. How can I check the same? Please help me.
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