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  1. Thanks guy it interesting to know some deep facts about tire rotation and it importance, Never thought about this fact before!!! Can anybody help with a diagram for tire rotation patterns or process??? Is there are specific tire rotation patterns that should be followed??
  2. I am absolutely surprise with the new MINI Cooper Clubman that is successful in providing a bit more traveler driver and cargo space while staying lightweight and nimble. I really like its tail gate that is top to bottom divided, as a ""six-door."" Awesome styling done by MINI, remind me of my old Nissan Patrol. I discovered that this edition of MINI is much more realistic than before?? It offer a lot of protection and comfort functions that was not available in the first edition. Along with that it is effective and fun to drive car for 2016 for sure. I might be seriously considering this car as my next car upgrade and really appreciate any type of advice here to steer clear from any pitfalls.
  3. Find it difficult to hold my breathe easy, after this stunning new glimpse of MINI. I had never thought about that it can be bigger like that ever. It's also a reasonably nimble, fun-loving hatchback, even with a three-cylinder motor. Which is amazingggg..... The rest of the MINI selection, well, it's being trimmed like so much privet. The two-door Paceman? Can't be long for the entire globe, can it? I can't wait to have it on my garage. It perfect for me and my wife. Does anybody have any comparison for this hatchback???
  4. BMW's partnership with Toyota, developing a way to compress hydrogen at ultra-low temperatures just to increase its storage volume, using as a base a fuel cell stack developed by Japan’s largest automaker. Amazing!! I am definitely looking ahead on this note??
  5. Most of us didn’t know, the GTS has always been the track ready models from BMW. It promises to be a better M4 that will make use of a better tuned chassis, a new interior and improved engine. All of these though will come at a cost, the car being quite a bit more expensive than the usual M4. Does anybody know its on-road prize in Abu-dhabi?
  6. Hi Amid, The pic is already hi res, when you click on the image there is a FULL SIZE option which is located on the left hand bottom corner. Clicking on that will open the high res image which you can zoom in on to read. Hope that helps. Some interesting facts there! Cheers!
  7. "After reading the official BMW press released which unveiled its M4 GTS shortly. I am eagerly looking forward for a test drive this 493 horsepower beast, but nne special thing hitting my mind for an answer! What does ""Water Injection System"" work for?? Does anybody know the benefits of car with a Water Injection System"
  8. Can anyone guess these cars and which movies they belong to?
  9. This seems like a big fun for the long haul tourer to enjoy free clean energy on the go: http://www.mobilesolarpower.net/products/ms-series/ Now only thing left pending for Tesla or other battery car manufacturer to clad the solar panel on the car body and have completely free charging on the go without this big trailer. I'm sure in next few years we will see that as well.
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