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  1. bobby

    De ville good or bad?

    Post 2000 models ... a lot of safety such as air bag, sensors, seat belt etc problems hence the recalls. Older De villes were pretty classy.
  2. bobby

    Car shutting off

    hey there ... problem fixed or not yet? @ hamid, It does not necessarily have to be an electrical issue. Could be something to do with the fuel pump power lines.
  3. bobby

    SRX scared me

    Hi there, today I sat in my SRX like I normally do to drop off my 6 year old son to school and it would not start. I pushed the start button and I could only hear a distant click but nothing more. Well it had to go from bad to worse obviously. The DIC (Driver information center) came up with a couple of warnings, first no remote detected then something else which I don't remember because by then I started to panic. With some help, I actually had to jump start the thing to drive off. Up till now the car is fine but I am scared about what happened this morning. I might have troubles going home from work tonight! Any theories?
  4. I test drove the CTS 2013 3.6L direct-injection V6 engine ... Guess how much HP it produces!! 318hp. The vehicle was totally amazing. Now I want to buy one of my own and was thinking if I should settle with a second hand because its just that good but I can't afford a brand new ! What do you guys think ?
  5. bobby

    Acclaimed luxury?

    Wow kartik ... you really seem to be in love with this vehicle luckily I recently got a chance to test drive this vehicle ... it was actually my boss's amazing condition and found it exactly how you are describing it - another dream car added to the list !
  6. bobby

    Cadillac as a gift for my wife

    Umm... It is also the 'North American Car of the Year'. Cant be bad. Personally i think the interiors are the main highlight apart from all the other wow features. Your wife is bound to fall in love with this car.
  7. bobby

    Cadillac as a gift for my wife

    Salaam brother. If budget is not an issue for you then why dont you just buy her a Bugatti Veyron? =)
  8. So guys ... the Cadillac Escalade luxury SUV is known to be one of the best kinds of SUVs and wins hands down as a luxurious ride ... which features do you think make the car stand out from the other luxury vehicles? PS. I am thinking of buying one but can't make up my mind yet!
  9. bobby

    AC starts late.

    its not like adding coolant or engine oil so if you dont know how to refill its pointless.
  10. bobby

    AC starts late.

    thanks guran.
  11. bobby

    AC starts late.

    faulty fuse the culprit.
  12. bobby

    AC starts late.

    before starting my car i never switch on the AC as its the rule of thumb not to but since yesterday after a min of starting the car i switch on the AC the ac starts only after a min. what is this and why is this