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  1. Can anyone tell me what used auto parts are okay to use sometimes?
  2. When you turn off the car, shift your steering to the center position and it automatically gets locked. This is really helpful and really works as an antitheft system.
  3. It has to be Mazda 3 over Golf. I love the interiors, features and maintenance cost is more genuine than Golf.
  4. How much is the fine for parking in a non parking area. I got a fine for the same, but did not check it yet, how much Please give me an idea.
  5. Can dirty fuel injectors lead to engine hesitation?
  6. Hey. I think there is something wrong with the fuel pump of my car. Can anyone tell me how to diagnose the fuel pump for any kind of issue?
  7. P:0037, what type of trouble code is it? And how can I fix it?
  8. Freeze plug leaking is really dangerous. You can fix it temporarily by putting the sealer, but the permanent solution is replacement.
  9. Hey everyone. Howz everyone doing? I have to change the brake pads in my car. But can anyone tell me what material is best for frictional lining in the brake pad?
  10. Its a coolant thermostat trouible code. This mean the coolant level in your engine is low. You need to add more coolant in your car engine.
  11. How to know the dimensions of the tire of my car?
  12. And how do you know which fuel mixture is best for your car?
  13. The brake drum in my explorer is damaged and need to be replaced. Can anyone tell me how to?
  14. I have Chev Aveo from 5 years now. Recently noticed that the gear is shifting in the car, but my car doesn’t move. Why is it so?
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