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  1. I have been debating between the Chevrolet Malibu and the Ford Fusion. I am more inclined to the Chevrolet because I am more familiar with the brand. What would make one choice better than the other?
  2. I had this done in front of me once - the guy turned it counter clockwise with the help of a hammer and a rod. You can use anything similar but you have to make sure you are going to do it in the same direction ie, counter clockwise. That should make it budge. Good luck
  3. thanks man .. i went through the mylink website and couldn't find information as such but it would really help if i knew WHEN they would have the option to add more apps ...
  4. In my scenario the reason why my cruise control got stalled at times was the brake switch. I had to go under the dash to find out the problem ... if you know what I am talking about then you might want to check the switches under the dash which are connected to the brake pedal. Do this before you take it in so that you know that this is the problem.
  5. hello hello I bought a new impala !! And since I am big on apps and using the technological systems in my car i wanted to know how i can get apps on my display instead of connecting my phone to it and using them through that. I am interested in some audio facilities and useful car apps like performance and fuel related. can any tech-savvy person guide me through?
  6. I actually wanted to say that remove the battery terminal and attach after 5 mins to avoid any electrical confusion in the sockets or sensors. Glad it worked of its own. Enjoy.
  7. If looks like fuel reading sending sensor is sqeaky and not able to send reading to fuel gauge causing it shows error. Or your fuel gauge is itself faulty Your km to empty is displayed by sensor sitting inside the tank and hard to get faulty even after 15 years. With the help of OBD diagnostic you can pin point quite accurately the right source of problem.
  8. where are the Mobil 1 engine oil suppliers office in Dubai? want to buy a large quantity. thanks.
  9. Well i dont think its issue of gear lever, it may be a gear solenoid which might be acting funny. Better get it checked and diagnose with someone having chevy computer diagnostic tool and see which fault it points to? These computer check cost about 200dhs but will saves lot of time and money in guess work.
  10. If car is under warranty then it should be changed free of cost, isnt thats the meaning of warranty. Check with the dealer as wahst there excuse of charging 4200. Thas lot of money. Im sure sure you can get same job done in mussafa in less than half with all original parts.
  11. Just so as you know, we arent from chevy team. We are owners like u are. What i can guess is this must be happening when u slow down car and before coming to complete halt u engage the reverse gear. Its an indication to tell you to hold that gear is still engaged in fwd motion and you should bring car to zero speed and then shift to reverse. hope it helps.
  12. alarm system is connected to the locks of the car and the best advise i can give is get a profession help for this as this is a security issue.
  13. get the thermostat checked and have you seen the coolant level is it normal? hope this info has helped you.
  14. ACE hardware for sure you will find it in the car section. go to the helper and they will show you exactly what you want and how will it be used.
  15. in most cases it is but see what the manual says
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