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  1. where do you go to get car servicing done?
  2. Was car like this from beginning as few cars are like this (no joke)? If it happened recently then its worth diagnosing the issue with good educated electrician in Ford. This might charge a bit as Ford electrical problems are very tricky to solve and known educated Ford electrician will know this fact.
  3. Check the scrap behind sahara mall, on BMW road and diagnolly opp troy university in Sharjah. All these three locations has amercian car scrap yard. Be ready to wander and search a lot, good luck.
  4. walter you seem experienced in changing spark plugs.
  5. its definitely the battery as AC works only on battery see if the interior lights are working and see if the music system is working then its definitely battery.
  6. Cars garage (cars taxi one) opp hamrain center in Deira is quiet good. Been there two times and rea;lized they are very nice and fast, low price too.
  7. Try aftermarket accessories shops in Deira opposite Hyatt next to shindaga tunnel. Dont the exact name of place, but this market is bang opposite Hyatt hotel.
  8. it can be something burning too get all your lubes checked.
  9. i also suggest that get the engine checked too. at times when there is something with the engine the engine oil may get dark overnight and before it gets registered in the car computer get the car engine checked.
  10. Issue may be coz of your other super quiet car like you mentioned. But worth checking following things that actually cuts the outside noise in the cabin. >Check all doors beading is properly intact and sealing nicely. >Check all windows beading is properly intact and sealing nicely. >Check the engine firewall (in engine bay) is not having any broken, cracks or spaces as thats the main area for sealing engine noise.
  11. Engine fried and took six months to properly fix it. What a nightmare it was..................!
  12. You should tune to Raido station and then you should see the station info on lower left hand corner. When in Radio screen go to options and select RDS text display set to ON. For this to work you should make sure that your Direct Tune is not highlighted. If still cant fix this, try master reset: Menu - settings - system - master reset. Hope that helps, mate.
  13. Surprise to see such issue in new 2012 model. So sad.
  14. For such intermitent problem the major cause is unbalance tires. Is your tires are near finishing stage, as if tread is low in some corners then also such situation might occur. Second, if you ever been in sand then open all 4 tires and check if anyone might have some small portion of sand and that might be the cause of vibration as speed above 80 sand become constant weight in one area inside tire and unbalance them and thats why car vibrate. And above 110 or 120 such viration dissapear as that small weight of sand becomes negligible at that speed. If all tires are good and clean from inside and balanced 100% from reputed shops (not iranian roadside workshop in shj) then you need to check the axle and get the axle balancing checked (very rare but possible issue).
  15. Thats an interesting situation. Have you spoke to Ford dealer Al Tayer??? Go and say, its a manufacturer defect and it should be recalled and change the whole lift gate, as no other solution can repair such a long crack other than replacing it. Just see what they say. Make sure you sound that its their problem and they have to fix it. If you ask them, then they will simply say NO.....! Good luck.
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