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  1. I am afraid, not many things get repaired in Dubai unlike our home country. You can definitely give a try with body shop guys who do the denting and painting jobs, if they can fix it for less. That's the only option you get with a very little chance, but worth trying as oppose to 1800 dirhams.
  2. For your Ford Explorer tire size = P245/65R17 you need to keep the same 35 psi tire pressure for front and rear tires both.
  3. Now when the heat is 40+ already then even slightest engine cooling malfunction will blow out of proportion. You should check the coolant level inside the radiator and outside the radiator in the coolant expansion bottle. If all level are good, then show it to the mechanic to check the AC fan, Radiator fan and if they both are fine too, then get the radiator cleaned, it might have been clogged or rusted with age.
  4. the part called fuel tank sending unit has to be changed that sends message message to the gauge. THIS part has to be changed.
  5. Yes you must as it could be the CV joint on your front drive shaft. or the harmonic balancer
  6. Look for it near the right headlamp mounted to the radiator core support.
  7. Look for it near the right headlamp mounted to the radiator core support.
  8. lets start with checking the following fuses brake switch do you have an airbag light on,if so then i am suspecting its the clock spring and need to have it checked for codes B codes and not the P codes good luck
  9. my steering makes a weird zzzz noise when i move it . it is damaging something how can i stop the noise
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