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  1. cyborg, if you see from Car's perspective you are right. but you need to see from bike or trike perspective to appreciate the out of league innovative design and thought process behind the creation. I loved it completely and I think it will look more awesome and practical with glass canopy (f1 style) covering the driver's face.
  2. I personally don't like these miniature looking SUV based on big-brother looks. If company wants to get into smaller SUV, design something from scracth and don't dilute the market reputation of their flagship bigger SUV's like Cayenne, Touareg, CX-9, Q7 etc. This actually creates a lot of confusion and ruin the bigger sibbling market value and reputation overtime.
  3. Thing I love about Musaffah is all workshop in almost one place, drive around an hour and see which sign board is shiny and which workshop is having more Mercedes standing inside, go there boom.
  4. How many traffic violation you had in one year? It can be parking fine, speeding ticket, lane discipline, use of mobile, seat belt or anything in general. If you don't mind sharing, leave a comment with further details of what violation it was....? Mine is 5-10, out of which majority are speeding tickets and then parking time exceeding time ticket.
  5. In Dubai you have Mercedes-r-us, VIP german agargae, slber arrow, Munich motor works. They all are professional and slightly expensive than other general service garage, but lot cheaper than dealer. No idea on AD, Im sorry.
  6. I know city is small and cheaper by an inch than comparing to Civic, but anyone knows the real comparison in real life of using it. Is City in cheaper in maintenance and spare parts too?Is City is better fuel mileage?Is city is better resale value?Is city is better in reliability, durability?Is city is better in safety and modern technology...?Someone in my close family stuck on city and I failed to make him understand that Civic better, so I am wondering now as to how to understand that city is better in overall comparison. Thanks.
  7. You can definitely stick it on sunroof and it works fine, and I have even seen people cutting the tag to small white box reducing its size by half and then sticking in front just under the rear view glass on windscreen. Looks very nice and not at all shouting.
  8. F1 is the charm of racing since forever. Nascar is highly stock these days and what's fun in watching slow cars that we drive on daily basis. You want some hi-speed action. I went to Yas Abu Dhabi for first Grand Prix in UAE and still remember the experience of ear deafening noise of F1 cars.
  9. Check attached of what is gauge manifold. What victor meant is let the AC guy check it with gauge manifold sticking on your car AC system and they will be able to advise what is wrong or not...?
  10. Ajman sticker guys location: https://www.facebook.com/CarSticker/timeline Around here you will have few more shops doing very good job at very competitive rates. I haven't tried it but my gym friends swear by their work esp this facebook guy.
  11. Pickup trucks are not ready to die just now as their purpose is unique and irreplaceable with any SUV or cars. Few of the good truck in today market worth considering, test driving and comparing are: Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra Dodge Ram Ford F-150 (not raptor) Nissan Titan Toyota Tundra
  12. No offence to any nationalities and I dont want to start any racism war here, I am simply curious to know which is the most preferred nationality for buying used car from...? I am seeing few cars lately and depending on different nationality I see the huge difference in car keeping. Some cars are so clean and well taken care of that it smells almost like factory new and few others are moderately used with chipped buttons and knobs and worst is few having a philip screw screwed in the dashboard and driver sill to have additional wiring for music system Please vote above the preferred nationality and have a fair reason for explanation (not because you like that country or it's your country). Thanks
  13. Well in Porsche timing belt schedule is at 100,000 Kms and not 50k miles. I had a Cayenne couple of years back and I remember how expensive damn thing change was at dealership. Phew.
  14. Well from design perspective Kia have improved a lot in last few years and started looking extremely pretty almost like Audi cars. From quality, I dont think so as they still sell very cheap so they must be cutting lot of corners.
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