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  1. Well to be honest, i do the initial inspection myself. You dont have to go through the replacing process but some courageous people do that too. it takes an hour for the replacement if you are good at it. Anyways, maybe you can get a second opinion or find out how to inspect your brake pads and rotors yourself.
  2. The water spots are just the salt and other kind of strong minerals in the water ... like if u are using salty tap water which is usually available here in the UAE ... have you tried waxing it? take a trip to some cars product store and find washing substances ... if you're flex is black then u need to take it up a notch.
  3. Wow seems to be a complicated situation ... Not at all surprised. Ford stands for 'Found On Road Dead'.
  4. My boss has an explorer. I have driven it on several occasions. Totally dislike it. There are several better options if you want to have a 4WD.
  5. Chrome clad means that a cover which cannot be removed ... the plastic part is jammed to aluminium rim which will not come off but they have been known to be durable and easy to clean so don't worry about it The only concern is that the plastic part is literally glued and they cannot be separated so don'ttt try it! There is hardly any aluminium left at the back. Tell your friend to take it easy if he can't have them exchanged for pure aluminium ones.
  6. aboo Ibraheem wrote: > fordafford wrote: > > why is my mechanic saying that spark plugs are the most critical part of > > the car? > > Spark plugs are little devices inside the cylinder that take in high voltage electricity > at one end and create a spark at the other end. There, the spark ignites the gas > and air mixture, and the resulting combustion is what ultimately powers the car. > This service involves removing the old spark plugs and replacing them with new ones. > > Should I do this service when it's recommended? > Yes. > > Why do I have to do this? > At the sparking end of the spark plug is a built-in gap between two or more little > pieces of metal, called electrodes. When the plug fires, one or more sparks jump > that gap and a tiny bit of the metal is burned off. This happens hundreds of times > every minute. Over time, the gap between the metal tips gets too big. > > Also, your spark plugs can get fouled, but that would indicate that you have a problem. > > What happens if I don't do this? > Your engine will start to misfire and run poorly, performance will suffer, efficiency > will decrease and emissions will dramatically increase. Your car may also be difficult > to start. you should post this information in general, will help a lot of people if its on a separate post as even i didnt know so much about spark plugs and it clearly shows you have good knowledge with easy to understand english. cheers
  7. ford parts and labor is very expensive.
  8. 15,000 aed is a lot of money this amount i can spend but not on ford cars if it would have been BMW or Mercedes then its a different story.
  9. You should also make sure that you run with coolant and not water, as water evaporate at 100 degrees and coolant evaporate at 130 degrees and at 120 degree your engine will get fried. So always use coolant that can last forever if no leaks. AC fans is also very critical, as in summer we always drive with AC on and if AC external fan cooling the radiator is not working then engine has AC load and AC fan is not cooling the engine for additional load, will fry the engine as well. If all are good, i suggest get the radiator and condensor clean nicely from outside with water jet that can dissipitate lot of heat if clean and free from dust and leaves. If still car overheats, then get the radiator opened and cleaned from inside due to age and water usage radiator might have some corrosion build up inside and blocking the radiator cores.
  10. grinding sound is usually when the car is damaged or very old hope you have sold the car now.
  11. i did get the car service form some place else.
  12. aboo do you have a good workshop reference to get the car serviced?
  13. Hey where can i view the pictures of the event?
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