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  1. Seems like a dirty gear oil and gear oil filter. Get these both changed and see if it helps, otherwise gear rebuilding mechanic or company can further diagnose and check the problem in detail.
  2. Its a big tedious job to open the console. If you have never done that in past don't try in ur own car as you might break some plastic hidden cover and spoil your dashboard. Better get that knob and let some good mechanic fix it for you.
  3. Its a sad reality of when you pay upfront in advance you get ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE my friend. Doesn't this service contract logic proves it again. As you paid money in advance and now you need them rather than they need you, so they are busy cashing non service contract people and make you wait.
  4. You can definitely get some known garage to fix this small dent, but to tell you honestly its illegal to fix like this. What you can do is go to the police station and explain the situation and they will give you red paper that means you fix yourself or if you have comprehensive insurance then they will do it for free. And go to the nearest police station where you had this incident occur, or else they will not give you the accident report red paper.
  5. it is behind the front console you have to be careful when u reach the resistor by disconnecting the battery to start with and there will be wires that have to be pushed aside.
  6. i think black looks superb ive got red black combo and its HOT!!
  7. Hyundai is an affordable version of exquisite cars and lately they have improved the designing and interiors of them. allll Hyundai cars are very good we get the Japanese tech with class and affordability FORD FOCUS OR ELANTRA all are good
  8. white white whiteee is the best color in any car as it has a class of its own if u notice most of the big people have white color cars. so its white for me as i am a big person
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