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  1. I am sorry cayenne has a much bigger market than the fx45, a lot of people take the brand of their car seriously. The only reason some people disapprove of the cayenne is the exteriors but no one minds a porsche in their lives. infiniti takes a back seat for me.
  2. Take my word rampal, your description suggests that the battery has nothing to do with the issue and it might be a battery supporting part which may be causing the electrical failure. There are many things that can be relevant here but most importantly you have to have the immediate influenced things by the battery checked first. Starter, alternator, sensors, etc are some such examples.
  3. For the reset procedure you need to follow the steps mentioned below - take your time on it. This is a typical scenario where your sunroof does not open or close on its own and you need to reset it back to its normal operation: - Make sure the sunroof is closed all the way - If your sunroof is not closing then keep pressing the close button until the sunroof gets to its position (might be a jam or malfunction) - Find the "tilt up" switch and ensure to keep pressing the button for at least 10 seconds, count if you have to, the sunroof will tilt up but it will eventually tilt down again. - Release the button - Press the button again for a long period of time until the sunroof opens, closes, tilt ups and tilts down. - Release once its down again and stops The sunroof is reset and back to its normal position.
  4. Have you tried to reset the body control module - this is a computer component which checks, regulate and operates all the devices installed in your vehicle. This might reset the interior lights as well. Just disconnect the car battery for a couple of mints and reconnect again. Do post your progress!
  5. and i had the notion that These Dealers Service are expensive.... where as they are not. thanks for sharing...
  6. prince i dont see the point. why ask questions you dont bother with? what exactly you want to know?
  7. never rent a car from dollar rentacar. bad service and in advance they charged me 2000 aed which they say will refund it back if i have no fines or damaged the car they gave the money after a month.
  8. thre are a few stores in Al Satwa Old Market too. check them out.
  9. i have seen good mechanics in rashidya opposite festival city.
  10. order from ebay they are better then local market ones.
  11. this is so so true i have faced this kind of treatment too.
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