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  1. Fibreglass work

    Hi Barry, do you have a contact number as i have tried calling the numbers based on a websearch, but all are dead.
  2. Fibreglass work

    Thanks Barry, i'll give them a call tomorrow.
  3. Fibreglass work

    Hi Guys I have a 2011 Range Rover Vogue with automatic side steps, i have a Kahn bodykit fitted but need some side skirts made to alow the side steps to work. Anybody know a reputable company.
  4. Alloy Wheels

    Thanks, was looking more for a good alloy wheel supplier. In the UK we use an approved code "TUV" which means it passes a certain quality, thought there might be someone out here that supplies wheels of that kind of nature.
  5. Alloy Wheels

    Hi Guys I'm looking for original, not Chinese or Taiwanese copies 22" alloy wheels for 2011 Range Rover Vogue. Any idea's?
  6. Mod shops for LR.

    Yeah, I'm real happy with it. The initial expense was for buying the loom, I bought at Al Tayer, DON'T, order of the net. I think they charged me something like 2000aed. Secondly, the price for the install cost 2200 aed. I know it's a lot, but it is sweet.
  7. Mod shops for LR.

    Hi Guys, i recently came across a garage in Al Quoz after wanting to install an ipad into my LR3. The garage is BESPOKE and they did a great job. I've attached a link to my install for all to see lol. http://www.youtube.com/user/davidkaleta/videos?view=0