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  1. How do you put waypoints markers and all these trackings while on the fly? Hope nothing major with car? All the best with that .. Do share what had happened, we jeepers are looking forward to know what could go wrong - it's the Jeep thing..🙂
  2. Thanks @Frederic for the beautiful drive through this awesome terrain.My first drive with you and what a fun drive it was. After 3 back to back drives in Qudra's white sand the red sand was a comforting sight. In long time was on a drive that ended earlier than planned and radio was rarely used - truly a testament to how well the convoy handled the challanges. Thanks all for the lovely drive, hope to see you all soon.
  3. All nice (focus is on Naice) addictions make one sick at early stage and once you get used to it, it's where the heaven is .....
  4. Thanks @Islam Soliman for the wonderful drive - as always long range dunes in Qudra offered the well needed weekend adrenaline rush.., being at end of the convoy with @Alex Raptor raptor blasting off all the ridges and dunes on its way further expanded the experience 🙂🙂 We had our share of stucks/refusals however considering the challanges that terrain offered (incl the extended drive period thanks to nvr ending expansion works at MBR Solar Park) the convoy did really well. @Ehab believe it was our first drive together. Your red wrangler looked awesome and your really rocked the d
  5. No worries @Lorenzo Candelpergher thanks for letting us know...take care and hope all is well...looking forward to see you soon.
  6. Hi @Islam Soliman with Friday afternoon drive cancelled it's my first drive of weekend. Just noticed that rsvp was open so added myself..let me know if it's okay?
  7. Hi @Ale Vallecchi thanks somehow some other work came in...will not be able to join. See you soon.
  8. Hi Ale i see convoy is full. For me this is second drive, i am okay to step out if creates space for any first drive candidate. Let me know
  9. Hi @Ale Vallecchi based on your comment above added myself to the drive. This is my second drive. In case there are any first drive waitlisted drivers, would be happy to step out.
  10. Yeah that's what i thought... especially on sand it's more about momentum which makes it very diff from offroading in rocky places where low duration torque and grasp at particular obstacle is more important than a general overall approach speed.. I was thinking of more experimenting with it on some steep climbs/playareas (perhaps Faya dune or someplace) ..something as shown in video below https://youtu.be/VnT4uSJ3pkA
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