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  1. Hi @Ale Vallecchi as discussed with Fred, will be there tomo, have added myself to the manage tab, hope okay with you.
  2. I have been using cable ties to hold quick fist in place (didn't want to drill holes). Been okay for almost 6 months now ..
  3. Hi @Srikumar kindly add me to manage tab, seems some issue with system not being able to add. See you on Sunday.
  4. Thanks @Gaurav for lovely drive today and congratulations all for completing your first drive with Carnity and for many their first drive in desert - first ones are always special and i am sure you will remember this for long time. The terrain, the beautiful weather and the whole experience was worthy of Dubai's tag line "The Coolest Winter". Overall we travelled around 32Km covering a basic intro to various aspects of desert driving - side sloping, climbing up and down the dunes and @Gaurav ensured that even on Absolute Newbies drive we had a chance to experience some steep climbs
  5. Hi @udit you can find some details on link below for deflator/guage and inflators.. ... Reg. Inflators can't recall that i ever found the gas station one close to exit point working or idle (if at all working)....so don't rely on that. In below link you will find some cheap option for inflator as well - though personally don't recommend them however just in case you want to try for couple of drive. @Shahzad Akbani fyr
  6. Hi Marjan @Jeepie sad to know about your decision to leave. Have been pleasure interacting with you over numerous drives especially DCT... irrespective of our results your leadership and calm attitude made it a day to remember for us all. Have a great time ahead, we will miss you and hoping that we catch up sometime soon (try to join Richard over some drives once in a while). Cheers
  7. Finally got the appointment at Mina Rashid centre for tomo morning 11am and airline confirmed 72hrs... Hopefully get the result in time.
  8. Yeah...however the first appointment i am getting is on 2nd jan other than in Khwaneej....
  9. Understand now SEHA centers is only on appointment basis, are they still accepting walk in?
  10. Thanks Doc for the wishes...🙂 Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year, have a blast.
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