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  1. Thanks guys for a wonderful morning in desert. @Brette thanks a lot for taking it through a real good mix of ridge crossing nad slide slopes. It was a perfect setup to help us test and elevate our skills. Support from @Kailas and the fact that I had someone like @Rizwan to follow really helped me get going. Special thanks to @Kailas for all the flag chasing, as advised by @Rizwanm2 i used some WD40 and it's fitting in fine now... @naved thanks for lovely pics and taking it with ease the challanges i added for.you by moving a lot of sand on my way 😄 Small convoy size and collaboration among the team made this technical drive a real fun. Thanks all, looking forward to have the next ride with you all soon.
  2. Thanks Vanessa for leading the team through this adventurous drive. It was really a good first fewbie experience for me and enjoyed every bit of it - thanks to the whole team for making this challanging drive a fun. Looking forward to see you soon in desert. Regards
  3. A wonderful class on Off-roading by Prof Ale. It truly had it all - a beautiful desc to curriculum, tough start to provide reality check, regular surprise tests, continuous assessments/feedback and as is mostly the case with all beautiful journeys - they end before one expects - for that we need to thank the security guys from China State Grid Co...😝😝 Reminded me of my college days - being a backbencher (car no 12) and enjoying every bit of Prof's wrath on frontliners - poor Joe and Mike..😃😃 Funny side apart, Thanks Ale for really good session and especially for all your efforts to ensure that we not only cross the challenges that track offered (and it offered a lot) but learn the real basics. Thanks Jeepie and Niki..your presence and support been a big confidence booster. Looking forward for the next drive with you all. @Ale VallecchiVallecchi @Jeepie @Niki Patel
  4. Realized all Dubai/NE fewbie drives are full for this weekend. . 😐 However the way Ale describes all the drives led by him, it's in any case tough to miss out on them...C u Saturday @Ale Vallecchi
  5. Thanks all for your lovely wishes and guiding me through the drives over last two months... Looking forward to be part of fewbie drives and learn through the process.... Thanks again.
  6. Thanks @Gaurav @Rahimdad based on your advice...found this... Looks really nice... By any chance some ideas to mount shovel without drilling into doors...
  7. Dears request advice on where I can find tail gate mount like these in Dubai? Request advice
  8. Hi @Chaitanya D thanks for the same.. however wife added to my weekend to do list over, so two drive weekend dream is thrashed this time...😭will continue with Saturday drive. Thanks again
  9. Hi @Chaitanya D kindly add me as wait list to this one as second drive of week.
  10. Hi @Gaurav believe I am too late, if feasible kindly add me to wait list. List seems long, so if not able to join in see you all the following week. Cheers
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