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  1. Hi @Luca Palanca Falsini kindly add me to wait list 2nd drive. It seems that mistakenly i clicked manage, kindly remove me from manage list (some time to to before I am ready for that..😃) thanks
  2. Hi @Kailas kindly remove me from drive... As was concerned, i am identified as close contact with someone tested positive for Covid. I have to be in isolation for next few days. Hope the first shot of.vaccine comes in handy for me.
  3. Hi @Kailas request you to add me to convoy wait-list. Asking for wait-list as i will have to reassess by end of the day and don't want to affect anyone's slot. Some engagements which will only get confirmed by later in eve today. This will be my first drive of the week, had to miss today morning due to same issues.
  4. Hi @Ale Vallecchi sorry for last min change, a bit of medical issue at home since last night. So won't be able to join today. Thanks
  5. Hi @Chaitanya Dlooking forward to the drive...been sometime drove with you and will be effectively my first night drive. If feasible, can you share some tips and things to keep in mind for night drives. I had a short 30 min of night drive last week (drive extended beyond planned time due to some last min refusal). Key issues would be good to understand are: A. Distance should be less or more than day drive? Over my short drive realized that tough to judge refusal from vehicle ahead. However also realized that as the distance increases dark patches make it more challanging. B.
  6. Looking forward to this one @Ale Vallecchi i think last time with Fewbie plus we did the other side starting from Ghantoot and ending at faqa, travelling around 85-90km.
  7. Hey @Lorenzo Candelpergher welcome to the Jeep gang... It's called the dark side as there is no way out of it, i m sure you would have realized after the first drive...hope to be on drive with you sometime soon...cheers
  8. Thanks @Luca Palanca Falsini for the wonderful drive...The begining, mid and end all were unique and equally wonderful.. It was a fun learning experience being with a small convoy over this challanging terrain.. Not only the skills but @Abu Muhammad winch was well tested through the drive and happy to test the toe points on my Jeep as well (especially since I was not the one being recovered)🙂 Thanks all for the lovely eve, looking forward to the next drive with you all, hopefully sooner than later.
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