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  1. Wow, it was a lovely morning drive we had yesterday - weather, rides and riders, the terrain were all just perfect for the Tune Squad drive. Faqa is my fav area to lead drives in Dubai - this drive if not the best is surely at par with the best ones I have led in this areas across all levels. Starting off cautiously we spent 30 min to judge the terrain. However, once the convoy was all warmed up there was just no stopping us. We covered 62Km in 2.5Hour of moving time, while traversing through endless long ridges and lovely bowls. I stopped counting after 50th ridge, as it wasn’t about the number anymore but the ln of these ridges that made it so much fun. On couple of ridges, we actually had the whole convoy on a ridge - was truly a sight to relish. Ofcourse the rain and compacted sand helped, but nothing can take away the skill everyone in convoy showed throughout the drive. Thanks @Davie Chase with you in the center well supported by our other platoon leaders @Imteeaz and @Chris Wing I could focus all my energy on the terrain and making the route better. @Jona and @Brett Eicher you both were perfect SL. It surely wasn’t easy yesterday with rain affected terrain and strange pockets and bumps all over the place. You followed the instructions promptly and managed to guide the convoy well. Thanks @Beide Workufor keeping the convoy togather. @Patrick van der Loo @Pierre de Maigret @Richard Franks @Felix Obst @Ali Abas it was a perfect day on sand for all. Your control with the car and skill set ensured that i could continously push the drive level - it surely ended as a FB++ drive level and credit goes to each one of you. The fact that shovels left the cars just once in the whole drive is testament to the skill set of this convoy. Thanks all, looking forward to see you all soon.
  2. Dear Tune Squad Sun is already shining bright and forecast looks amazing for tomo. I have some engagement later in eve today, so here's the convoy order and other key details for the drive. In case of any changes we will address it during our briefing. Meeting Time : 7am (sharp without any exception) Tune Squad will be communicating on Radio Channel 3, ensure your radios are fully charged and so are you Meeting Location : https://goo.gl/maps/WbWFK5iwurzey1dF8 Faqa in general has an extra terrestrial mystery to it and with rain its really going to be some nice fun. So ensure you are well rested and well hydrated as this terrain will surely test the best of our skills and attention. We surely don’t want this - Tune Squad Order - We have very good mix of rides, driver experience in our convoy. Being a long convoy and with this mix, we will follow the platoon concept. Those who have driven earlier with me am sure know it, for rest, will share the details during our briefing. Also, if all goes good, will see if we can have a rotation in convoy order through the drive, so that all can experience being at diff position and fun it brings with it. 1. Varun in Rubicon 2. @Jona in FJC will be our SL 3. @Pierre de Maigret in FJC 4. @Chris Wing in FJC will be our 1st Platoon leader. 5. @Richard Franks in Red Wrangler 6. @Patrick van der Loo in black jeep 7. @Davie Chase in his Red Rubicon will be our 2nd Platoon leader as well as CF for the drive. 8. @Felix Obst in his white wrangler 9. @Brett Eicher have heard so many stories of this awesome Red Cherry, looking forward to check what's under that hood 10. @Imteeaz with his Super Safari will be our 3rd Platoon leader. 11. @Ali Abas adds the bling to convoy with his Lexus 12. @Beide Worku on his F150 will sweep the squad. See you all there tomo.
  3. Let’s see haven’t reviewed the convoy order yet, in general I always plan for a rotation in convoy order through the drive. Hopefully will be able to plan something this time around as well.
  4. Me too .. again no winch but would like to understand the concept
  5. Hi @Imteeaz noted it’s your first drive of the week, extending the convoy to add you to the drive. Please confirm your availability. Hi @Beide Worku you were the first one to WL, however have to give preference to those with this being the only drive this weekend. Plus 12 is already a long convoy. If we will have a dropout, you will be added. Keep checking the forum, still a day to go.
  6. Hi @Chris Wing since it’s your only drive of the weekend, I have extended the convoy to add you for the same. Please confirm your availability.
  7. Dear Sand Sailors Hope you all have had a productive week and looking forward for the drive this weekend. This has been a special week with some really nice rain shower. While this surely has been fun, would make our drive on sunday (expected to be sunny tomo onward), a bit different. Some special checks to ensure we have a safe and fun drive. a.) Please check your vehicles to ensure its in perfect shape, especially with focus on tyres. b.) Ensure you have a spare tyre in healthy condition with you. c.) Check that all your off-roading gear are in good shape. d.) Be fully rested before the drive. Last but not the least, we still have 3 drivers in WL, so in case any of you have change in plan, please update the RSVP well on time - so that we dont lose a slot, while others are in waiting. I am really looking forward for Sunday, its been couple of months i have been to Faqa and with weather so good, very keen to explore the beautiful terrain. Cheers @Jona @Davie Chase @Pierre de Maigret @Mus_hus78 @Beide Worku @Brett Eicher @Patrick van der Loo @Richard Franks @Felix Obst @Ali Abas @Tareq Al Turq @Gregory @Mohamad Anwer @Chris Wing
  8. Thanks all for RSVPing for the drive. We have a really strong convoy with some awesome machines and warm bunch of ppl. I don’t know why but usually I always end up having convoy full of Jeeps and FJs with some even bigger trucks on my drives, it’s good to see a beautiful elegant Lexus this time, thanks @Ali Abas for signing up 😀. Rabbit is considered to be luckiest of all 12 animals as per Chinese culture - so I am hoping we will be lucky enough to have a nice pleasant weather. I am planning to join with a naked Jeep, so no rain plz 🙏🙏 Also it symbolizes smart and elegant personality - so we are in for some elegant ridge riding and a drive where we all will be smart enough not to fight gravity 😀 Plan for the drive is simple - we will start with the first ray of sunlight. And try to explore ourselves on as many long range dunes as we can - riding over some nice sharp Faqa signature ridges and criss-crossing through some awesome dunes to end close to where we will be around 11am (hopefully). I am not planning to have a set route, who knows if weather and convoy pace permits, we may end up close to Solar Park or maybe even Little Sweihan area in Qudra with its awesome tightly packed huge Sweihan style bowls. And if not maybe in Faqa somewhere - there’s no limit of what we can explore at Faqa in any case 😀. It’s really tough to control a rabbit once it’s out of hole. Focus is on having fun and having a jam. Looking forward to see you all this weekend. In case of any change in plans, please update the rsvp in time so as to avoid last min planning. @Jona @Pierre de Maigret @Richard Franks @Mus_hus78 @Beide Worku @Brett Eicher @Patrick van der Loo @Mike M. @Richard Franks @Felix Obst @Davie Chase @Ali Abas
  9. until
    Level: Fewbie Plus and Above When: 29th Jan 2023 Sunday Meeting time: 7:00 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions). Meeting Point: TBD Type of Car: Any 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 11:00 AM THIS IS A COMPRESSOR ONLY DRIVE. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS DRIVE UNLESS YOU HAVE A COMPRESSOR. ANYONE ARRIVING AT THE DRIVE WITHOUT A COMPRESSOR, FLAG, PROPER SHOVEL AND DEFLATION KIT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN THE DRIVE. ALL TOW POINTS WILL BE CHECKED BEFORE DEPARTURE.
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