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  1. Thank you @JeromeFJ for leading us through the fantastic Liwa Drive all along till the famous Yellow Truck. This exceptional untouched Terrain with the magnificent tall dunes and very wide bowls made it all a great memorable experience for me and my little one. We enjoyed the whole experience including the camping, the adrenaline rush of those side slopes and being the second lead in this amazing terrain. Special Thanks to @Rob S for always supporting the team, quickly stepping out to shovel or look for alternative tracks to keep us moving and to @Mario Cornejo for sweeping and actively communicating at the back despite the long distance between the convoy members. shout out to all convoy members @Sunil Mathew, @Santoso Marjuki, @Tom B, @Imteeaz, was great driving with you, @Gok Krish, hope you had your car fixed and will join us again soon.
  2. @Gok Krish, yes planning to camp inshallah, i will be moving after sunset so probably reach by 9:00
  3. Thank you @Rizwanm2 for today’s Special Drive. The track was amazing, i really enjoyed the fresh sand and the untouched dunes you perfectly chose. Sorry for that desert scar from the tug, I hope you fix it soon. @Tom B, pleasure to meet you today for the 1st time, enjoyed watching you climb that last dune with the roaring LC. @Alexanderrr, pleasure to meet you too for the 1st time, very well driven today @Beide Worku always great to have in the convoy. see you all soon on sand
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