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  1. Hello - i have found ample people complaining about the LS series but recently when I rented one out .. I found the car really good and it got me thinking where was this car all my life. Before I make any serious decisions I want to know some important views on this series. I dont care about the year of make or the kind .. I just want to know what any new buyer would need to know. Is it a go-ahead or a never?
  2. really ?? this is a bit alarming and plus im surprised i dont know anything about them. Will call in for an appt at the dealership.
  3. no idea about them ... more info please!
  4. Hello, recently i have noticed that my car has started to jostle around while i am driving. There seems to be a problem with the suspension. The problem is not over the top at the moment but obviously being an owner for a long time i can feel the difference. What can be the cause? Thanks everyone in advance. PS. I have an LS400.
  5. Ali ummmmm ... sorry brother ... but i do not agree. the injection system has nothing to do with the noise that you describe.
  6. howdy. The pinging noise u hear cud be from the belt tensioner. have a mechanic check it out. apart from that make sure the grade of fuel u use is not less than 93. if u do then might be your culprit. And jerry is right about the lexus cabin being quite ... you should be able to make out where the noise is coming from. Cheers!
  7. Hi guys, i have used lexus enform and now I am kind of addicted to the app suite. My favorite feature about it is the eDestination services where it lets me browse my previous destinations if i forget any. For example, I went to this nice restaurant in Dubai with my friends and have a month or two I forgot the name of it. I quickly searched it on my eDestination and it pulled up the name. These systems have made traveling so much convenient for people especially if they are fond of socializing and hanging out.
  8. there speed of my Lexus is not going above 100. I showed the car to the mechanic and according to him the cruise control is stuck to 100 which is hard for me to understand. As i was not convinced i didnt let him touch the car.
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