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  1. Well it's also worth buying car that has full service history as you don't wanna do the deferred maintenance of previous owner. S class depreciation faster than ice, So stick to S350 league that has best value, second best value is for S500. Totally stay away from S600 (worst resale). Get the car full check up before buying, preferably with Gargash if you can afford to eliminate any surprises for later on.
  2. How can I judge if the motor mounts in my Escort is going bad?
  3. Tell me some ways to turn the lease into cash
  4. Depends, if the engine of your car has fuel injection, then there are two locations where you can find the fuel filters: First, it can be somewhere located near the fuel tank under the vehicle or Second, near the engine and under the hood.
  5. Can anyone suggest me what's the role of oil filter in a car engine?
  6. Then, it is covered under warranty. Since it the manufacturing fault, you are not responsible for it. If they are telling you that it cannot be covered, tell them that you want to trade your car.
  7. if you are new to UAE, so dont justthink that every workshop in here is certified for repairs. Every mworkshop and dealers have to go through a process to get the license for their business. It is centralized from the UAE government. As per the rules, they are suppose to provide you letter head bills and payment details. To be on a saferside, when you first enter in any workshop check for their certifcates and license copy. Always and always ask them to explain you for the cost of reapir and replacement, thats a consumer right.
  8. Yes offcourse! before any other auto part gets affected by it.
  9. So does that mean that i have to get the complete sunroof replaced?
  10. The wheel speed sensor is perfectly fine. Any other problem can it be?
  11. If the head gasket is leaking, you can either fix it temporarily or you have to get the gasket replaced. The temporary solution is using the sealer to stop the leaking. You can get the bottle of the sealer for cooling system or head gasket in any auto shop. You can apply that sealer on the leak and it will help it stopping the leak, but only for few days. This will not fix the leaking permanently. Although, there are many sealers that promise the permanent solution but it does not work like that. Putting the sealer will stop the leaking, but your car will still be overheated. I once thought that sealer will permanently solve the leaking issue when my head gasket in the car was leaking. But I was wrong, my car was still overheating and the head gasket became worse and worse. So believe me, this is only temporary solution. This alternative is good when you are trading your car and don’t want any visible issues in your car. Replace the Head gasket: The only permanent solution to leaky head gasket is to replace the gasket itself. Before it’s too late and the leaking become worse, you need to get rid of head gasket. I tell you why. If the gasket is leaking and you don’t replace it, let’s say for 2 weeks, it may damage the other parts in the engine as well like radiator and water pump. So your repair cost will automatically go high as you may have to replace the other auto parts as well. It’s highly suggested to replace head gasket when you know its leaking. It’s for your own good and helps you in avoiding any big expense. So don’t waste your time, and get it fixed. If you think you cannot go to the dealer till weekend, then add the bottle of sealer for a week and take your car to the dealer by weekend.
  12. Cyborg is right. Hybrid cars actually suits girls as well. You can opt for maroom, or mettalic blue color.
  13. Do you think its a good idea to buy a used tires?
  14. Hey guys. Can anyone tell me how to jump start the engine.
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