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  1. did you get the lift of your car done?
  2. sometimes to a very complicated problem you can find an easy solution. starting with the battery of the car that may be dead. check if it is dead or not.
  3. Used is better, as it saves big money and Mitsubishi makes such a strong cars that in couple of year usage nothing actually goes wrong. Used car all the way, My vote.
  4. Try stepping on gas without AC on and if squeaking doesnt come, then its AC belt need change. Its not critical item you can get it change next month. Just spray WD 40 on belt and this squeaking will go away for 3-4 days. If its coming when AC is off, then you really need a mechanic to diagnose in certain other physical ways to find out the problem.
  5. Business people here are so smart and self centered that they dont care about people lives, money, comfort or anything. They just want to sell stuff even if they know for sure its wrong and wont work. How do you know you are the first one to return them???? lol. There might be 3 more people must have bought and assumed this vibration is from something else and not this and spend another 1000's in exploring. baaah. Good tip given here MrTwister that can save fellow Mitsubishi owners from this.
  6. Battery red light means, alternator died. Just to double check start the car and remove battery one cable (any) and see if car stop running or not? If it stops, its sure alternator dead. A/T light is coming due to battery power is not enough to charge A/T electrical oil and thats why A/T light is on. Once you installed new alternator A/T light will also go off. Its definitely co related. Don't sweat.
  7. Is the switch working properly, get it checked and let me know what is the result.
  8. ASX being very new i really doubt you can get some special accessories. My best bet would be to try in naif deira opp old hyatt or in shj shop by the name of Al Khateeb before the American university.
  9. Last time i used same dia queen poly pack of 4 liters it was written per mixed. I am not sure if it has changed now, if nothing is written assume its undiluted, its better. And yes mix with 50% with masafi or any drinking water (not tap water).
  10. If you never flushed the coolant before in last 40k kms, i would advise it to flush all and refill all with Dia queen coolant fully, without mixing with water as its already premixed by 50%. It must be written on it too. Here after whenever its low, just top up after few months (if needed). No need to flush then. Coolant usually should be flushed and refill every 40 - 50k kms. Reduction in coolant level is substantial indication that its life is coming to expire and thats why its evaporating like water (assuming there is no leak). As water evaporate at 100 C and coolant at 125 C.
  11. Whats the smilie icon on topic for? Are you joking????? I hope not. Its on the air filter box neck that goes to engine. In between Enine and Air filter. Dont change it, most likely it need a cleaning once in a while, if you experiencing missing or hesitation in throttle.
  12. You can buy the rust proofing can from any hard ware of car spare parts shop. Seek any mechanic with lift who can raise the vehicle up and spray those cans on under body parts and chassis. Not on electrical wires and sensors. May be two cans will be enough for eclipse.
  13. Brake pad has lowest life out of three (pads, drum and pump). which depends on your braking style. From 10k - 30k kms. Brake drum has almost double or triple life than brake pads, depending on ur braking pattern (hard hitting always or u plan ur brake ahead). Brake pump or booster has maximum life and will not go bad so fast, unless there is some problem in it. So to answer your question you dont need to change brake ump with brake pad, but if brake pump is faulty or weak then you should change that irrespective of change with pads or drum. Its a separate issue all together. Dont get mixed up with different things.
  14. The number plates lamp are wired through the same circuit with brake lamp,or simply the same fuses that name Tail Lamp! Hope this can help and are you checking the wire does not been disconnected for an reason just check it,it may help you!
  15. Check the seat rail and bolts, make sure its having all tight bolts. And dont drift too much after that, thats what happen then.....
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