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  1. This Dodge demon is crazy f*&*&(*
  2. RTA has done the discount on fines in 2018 for first time after 2014/15, I don't this its a regular feature and even if they plan to provide a discount expect somewhere mid of the year than in begining.
  3. What does Infiniti means and why it's spell differently with I instead of Y?
  4. Any clue what's the price of Dodge demon in UAE?
  5. Well, the way I see this can make a hell of profitable investment for someone want to build solar panel based charging system every 200 kms that literally run on autopilot for years.
  6. Good points covered and I would say stick to Car than SUV is better as per your needs and plus secondly the most important part is recently fuel has increased too expensive, so affordability will be better in Car than gas guzzling SUV. In cars you can decide on three major category: - Sports, Salon/Sedan or Luxury depending your like and budget.
  7. Hi Nathasha, how are you doing and welcome to car world in Dubai. Good to see some girl taking that interest in discussing Cars. Tell us more about yourself to advice accordingly. I had both SUV and Cars and I love and hate both depending on different need and timing.
  8. Any suggestions or upgrades available to make bloddy Pajero AC as strong as Toyota SUV, In extreme heat it just work but not work fine or sufficient to keep the car cool especially in stop and go traffic. Secondly after starting the car it takes about 15-20 minutes to get the car cool and by the time I reach home with sweating back. Discussed this matter several times with Habtoor service advisor and seems like they give blind eye and deaf ear to this issue and show me the car AC cooling under their covered workshop. I am looking for some type of idea to upgrade to expensive quality AC Gas (freon) if it exists for better cooling? Or increasing the AC power supply that can make it work harder and provide better cooling? Or anything reasonably doable to improvise Pajero AC cooling in Dubai extreme heat at 42 degrees and above......? Thanks.
  9. Adil, you seems to have a very valid and best point, that 2-5 dhs is not worth wasting so much time and fuel again to go and refueling. +1
  10. It's 75% times a brake pad replacement with skimming the disc will get the job done. In 25% you will also need a disc replacement. For checking disc health you need a proper thickness measuring tool or an expert eye to tell, usually it should be in range from 5-6 mm minimum thickness. If you car wobble slightly on extreme hard braking then disc is due to change.
  11. What a headline Gulf News made man.......! (Time will tell). New fuel price to boost UAE economy and reduce cars Petrol price for cars with 4 cylinders will increase on average by nearly Dh18 a month, Ministry of Energy says http://gulfnews.com/business/sectors/energy/new-fuel-price-to-boost-uae-economy-and-reduce-cars-1.1557612
  12. Message is simple guys: Spend all your earning here and don't send any money home. With this upcoming price rise will also hit the overall inflation and affect resident in all possible ways. My two-cents.
  13. My Pajero started an idling dance recently and showing fluctuation as below actions: At Start: 1000 RPM With AC: 750 RPM In Gear: 500 RPM - 750 RPM constant rapid dancing Although I wouldn't have noticed this, but it stalled my car once when it was cold and I moved immediately from parking and took a u-turn and it stalled in middle of the road. Appreciate if someone can advise what is wrong and what needed to be replaced.....?
  14. My car is shutting off randomly. Why?
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