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  1. Enncrave wrote: > I bought a brand-new GLS SE 2010 Mitsubishi Montero Sport in the > Philippines. My query is why Mitsubishi labelled their Mitsubishi sport > cars with different names. It should have been a global name, rather than, > Montero in the Far East, Pajero in the Middleast or Challenger in > Australia. Any reason for that name juggling? HI To answer your question Mitsubishi Pajero is named after Leopardus Pajeros a small cat native to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador. But Unfortunately Pajero also had another meaning in Spanish.   Pajero Spanish slang word meaning 'He who fiddles with himself for sexual gratification'. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Pajero) So in countries where Spanish may be spoken (like Philippines) it goes by the name Montero.
  2. Where to get the time belt replaced??? That is the question faced by most Pajero Owners when they hear of the exorbitant quote by the dealership. Here’s my story. I own a 2009, 3.8 L, LWB Pajero. Until 90k,I regularly got all my service done at the dealership, this was because I has a service contract with them . But after that every 5000 -7000, Km I just got Oil and Filter change done at any Adnoc Lube. When I Reached 120K, I sought a quotation from the dealership for Timing Belt replacement along with 100/120K service. The price they quoted was shocking. AED 4,000 for Timing Belt Replacement, and AED 2,000 for the Service. Total AED 6,000. And this was a discounted promotional offer, according to the sales person. Since I felt this was exorbitant I kept searching for an alternative solution, by now the mileage had run up to 133k, Last week during a casual conversation , I was referred to Al Azrag Garage in Quassis, Dubai. This Is Owned by Mr Zaffar , a hardcore off-road enthusiast , and Crew and Marshal of Emarat 4X4. I am extremely happy with their work, at a fraction of what the stealership charges , and would recommend them to any Pajero owner. They kept the car overnight, and I could supervise the work most of the time. Before I went there, I did a little home work and made out a list of things which I wanted replaced, this I got from the service manual, table for things to replace at 100K and 120K. Also the specification of the Parts/Fluids to replace from the User manual. For the 3.8 liter 2006 model LWB Pajero ITEM SPECS 1 ENGINE TIMING BELT MD 358549 1 X 190= 190AED 2 SPARK PLUGS IRRIDIUM TIPPED IFR6B-K 6 X 50 = 300AED 3 AIR CLEANER ELEMENT/FILTER Was inspected and did not need replacement 4 ENGINE COOLANT SUPER LONG LIFE 10.5 LITERS 5 BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 OR DOT 4 Was Not Replaced 6 CLUTCH FLUID DOT 3 OR DOT 4 Was Not Replaced 7 FUEL FILTER MR 529135 1 X 95 = 95 AED 8 TRANSFER GEAR OIL Hypoid GL-3 SAE 75W-85 2.8 LITERS 9 DIFFERENTIAL GEAR OIL FRONT / REAR Hypoid GL-5 SAE 90 1.15 FRONT / 1.64 REAR 10 AIR PURIFIER FILTER IN CABIN Was Not replaced 11 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID ATF SPIII 9.7 LITERS (5 LX 2) 230 AED 12 ENGINE OIL ADNOC Voyager Silver 10W 40 , 5 Liters 13 ENGINE OIL FILTER MZ 690150 1 X 20 = 20 AED All Parts and Fluids were bought from Authorised Original Parts shops, like (DIVYA in Sharjah or Dubai), but not from the dealership. DIFFERENTIAL GEAR OIL Hypoid GL-5 SAE 90 was brought from Eppco Petrol Pump. Enoc makes this gear oil in the brand name “zenon”. 4 liter can for AED 72. Note I couldn’t find “ TRANSFER GEAR OIL Hypoid GL-3 SAE 75W-85 as specified in the manual ” so I replaced it with DIFFERENTIAL GEAR OIL Hypoid GL-5 SAE 90. This is your call, You could try to get this from the dealership. Anyway car works fine, Gears shift well , No problems. Little research as to what these numbers and Letters refer to. Example :Hypoid GL-3 SAE 75W-85 Hypoid is an abbreviation of hypocycloidal gears and relates to the geometry of the crown wheel and pinion arrangement usually on rear wheel drive cars and vans. The pinion is usually highly off-set to reduce propshaft intrusion into the passenger compartment. API stands for American Petroleum Industry and GL stands for Gear Lubricant, see below for their definitions: • API GL-1 Straight mineral oil. • API GL-2 Mild EP for worm gear oils. • API GL-3 Mild EP for spur and spiral bevel gears in axles and transmissions. Contain up to 2.7% anti-wear additives • API GL-4 Medium EP, moderate severity hypoid gears, manual gearboxes. Contain up to 4.0% effective anti-scuffing additives • API GL-5 High EP, all hypoid axles, some manual gearboxes. contain up to 6.5% effective anti-scuffing additives • API GL-6 Extra high EP, now obsolete. EP means extreme pressure and refers to the additive used in gear oils. This additive is designed to stop metal-to-metal contact taking place between transmission components. SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers.The SAE Viscosity grade are only a measure for the viscosity of the lubricant oils and do not give any statement about the quality and compounds of the motor and gear oilSingle Grade oils are designed for only one SAE field, Multigrade Oils contain several SAE fields. Summery. Its time we moved away from dealerships and their cutthroat pricing. Garages Like Al Azrag ( GPS Coordinates N 25.28902, E055.40527 )are a ray of hope for those of you who want quality work but do not want to get robbed in the bargain. Definitely recommended.
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