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  1. I agree with blackArmada, I have seen something very similar in my Land Cruiser with Al futtaim guys that they didnt check the differential oil in many of the services and due to very minute and unnoticeable leak diff grinded and i have to bear 4200 repair for negligence. Stitch in time saves nine, so one should be little qualified about cars as well and ready to check car all around ocassionally at least once in 6 months to have close feel of wear and tear, leaks, fading etc. Once you start going under your car at fuel station service bay, you will start understanding what's going around and how well your car is keeping with ongoing stress in such extreme weather condition. With this exercise you will also appreciate and respect your car more and be aware of any upcoming expenses. Guys at fuel station is not very good mechanics but they are general all rounder types to cater to all brands oil change and they can rightly advise you with little free advise on minute leaks or vibration issue that you can study and monitor further. That's what i am doing now since two years in both of my cars.
  2. Cops do give fine for drama watching slow moving snails, its just that 1 cop is not enough to note hundreds of snail numbers. May be they should get some more support, but they already know their job and serving well. It's just that we all need to learn to behave well as well and not wait for someone to police us.
  3. Any type of roof sealant should work on your car I suppose. Try to go the hardware store near you and ask for a roof sealant compatible with aluminum or a car's roof.
  4. Nissan name was actually the combination of the company's original name Nippon Sangyon (Which meant Japan Industries). It was first abbreviated into Nissan in 1930s.
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